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Bistro MD costs: The price of Bistro MD is relatively expensive, costing upwards of about $8 per meal. Your weekly cost is determined by the plan you choose for 5 or 7 days of meals each week and whether you want 2 or 3 meals per day.

If you are wondering whether this diet fits into your budget, Here’s more about the costs:

BistroMD Cost Per Day, Week, & Month:

Here are the plan options with prices:

bistromd prices
  • The price per meal is about $9 for dinners, $8 for lunch and $6 for breakfast.
  • A day of breakfast lunch, and dinner (full program) costs about $19
  • A day of lunch and dinner costs about $16
  • The price per month is $390-585 depending on how many meals you choose per week

*Tip: We usually have a promo code for 30% off your first week, which drops these prices even more.

At about $8 per meal, an initial comparison shows that that Bistro MD costs more than other popular diets like Nutrisystem (cost) and South Beach Diet (costs), but less than Jenny Craig (costs | coupons) While this is true, you should consider the following:

  1. Bistro MD meals are “complete,” and there is no additional food required
  2. Prices are the same for women and men and for special plans like Diabetic and Gluten-Free
  3. Every Bistro MD meal is a fresh frozen entree, and unlike other programs, there are no shakes, bars, or packets of food called “meals”

Still sounds expensive? Here are 3 ways to reduce the weekly and monthly cost of BistroMD:

1.) Reduce the Cost w/ a Coupon

Besides opting to have 5 days of meals per week delivered (instead of 7), the best way to save on BistroMD is to use their 30% off coupon (get code here) which includes free shipping for your first week. They also have a 25% off promotion below. (click to apply)

bistro md promo

2.) Skipping Breakfast Drops the Price

Looking for another way to drop the cost of BistroMD? Personally, I would choose one of the plans that does not include breakfast.

Breakfast is optional with their plans, so if you do include it, it will cost you more. You’ll also pay more for shipping each month than many other diets, as meals are sent weekly, not monthly.

Since the price tag of Bistro MD is high, consider passing on breakfast, and make yourself a smoothie instead. A lot of the time I opt to just eat a protein bar and an apple which is a healthy and low cost alternative to the expense of having 3 prepared meals a day.

3.) Opt for 5 Days of Meals per Week, Not 7

Personally, I think in most cases 5 days of prepared meals is enough, especially if you are out and about on the weekends. You’ll save a good 20% on your weekly and monthly costs if you choose a 5-day plan instead of 7. Plus, you can always upgrade your plan later if you want more meals and don’t mind the price.

Ok, so to summarize, here are 3 ways to save on a costly BistroMD subscription:

  1. Use a coupon for up to 30% off & free shipping on your first week
  2. Skip breakfast and have a smoothie or protein bar w/ fruit
  3. Choose a 5-day meal plan, not 7.

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In Summary:

Did you know that the average American spends over $300 per month at the grocery store? While Bistro MD is relatively expensive, the good news is that Bistro MD replaces most of that expense, and unlike other popular meal-delivery diets, Bistro MD doesn’t ask you to supplement their meals with fresh fruits and vegetables from the store.

Also note that their new customer promotions (see here) include free shipping, subsequent auto-delivery orders will cost $19.95 per week for shipping each week.

I hope this article helps you decide whether this is a good diet for your budget! You can also read more about the diet in our review here. If you’ve tried Bistro MD, or have thoughts on the cost, please drop us a comment below:

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