Eat Pears! Here’s the (Surprising!) Weight Loss & Health Benefits

The simple pear is, frankly, no one’s favorite fruit, is it? A bit of an outcast in the fruit world, it’s never the first snack that comes to mind. After all, arguably, strawberries, apples, and bananas are far superior in taste, and no ice cream or candy is made in “pear” flavor.

Plus, when you think of a healthy figure, a pear isn’t exactly the shape that comes to mind!

Well, you may not realize it now, but there’s a whole host of weight loss and health benefits to eating them on a regular basis. You see, when you consume these tiny fruits, you’re increasing your vitamin and fiber intake in an instant.

These two things are utterly vital if you’re hoping to have a healthy diet. Yes, there’s a whole load more to these superfoods than you know. Let’s take a look at the facts, shall we?

One pear a day fights obesity

Obesity is a growing (big, fat) problem, and if it’s one that affects you, you absolutely have to do something about it. There are a wealth of health concerns relating to this issue, such as heart disease, diabetes, and the risk of premature death. It might sound shocking, but so it should; obesity is doubtless a cold, hard killer. Make no mistakes about that.

If you’re currently battling the problem, eating just one pear a day could make all the difference. According to the results of a study published in Nutrition and Food Science, you’re a whopping 35% less likely to be obese if you consume just a single pear every day. It really is that simple. Aside from being packed full of vitamins and healthy fibers, these fruits seem to help people keep the pounds off for longer.

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If you are struggling with obesity, the very best way to make sure that you lose weight is by eating a healthy, balanced diet all the time (rather than crash dieting) and exercising as much as you feel you can. When you make these healthy lifestyle changes, it should make a big difference to your overall weight.

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Eating pears may help prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Unlike other forms of diabetes, the Type 2 strain of this condition is something that most people tend to develop over time. What you eat on a regular basis will play a significant role in your developing this condition in the long run.

If you happen to have an unhealthy diet that you just can’t quit, you will find that your health suffers as a result. It might not suffer immediately, but eventually, you will see some rather shocking ramifications.

One of the ways that you can ward off this potential problem is by getting a decent amount of so-called ‘healthy’ fibers. One of the greatest (and easiest) places you can get this fiber is in the skin of a pear. Chomping on the skins, rather than cutting them off, means that you will get a decent dose of good fiber. What could be better than that?

Plus, it’s not just the fiber that protects your body from the dreaded diabetes plague. These little superfruits contain flavonols, (mmm… flavomnols!) anthocyanins, and flavan-3-ols; all of which aid your body in improving its sensitivity to insulin.

In short, that means that you can manage your insulin levels and maintain a steady rate at all times, which prevents diabetes from knocking at the door. So, stocking up on pears when you next go grocery shopping might just be the way forward.

*Bonus: if you’re on Weight Watchers (join free!), you’ll be happy to know that pears have a zero FreeStyle points value! Actually, pears fit nicely into any diet, from the MIND diet to Nutrisystem!

Pears may reduce your risk of cancer

The very word cancer is enough to send shivers down your spine. With the risk of this illness being higher than ever, it’s only natural that you’d want to do everything that you possibly can to make sure that you decrease your risk.

You should already be aware of the fact that your general diet and lifestyle play a massive part in your health and specifically whether you are at severe risk of developing this disease. That’s why you really ought to ensure that you eat well as humanly possible.

So, why do pears help reduce your risk of certain cancers? Well, the reason is actually very simple – they digest much more easily than a lot of the other food we eat. The fiber that you find in pears binds perfectly with the bile acids in your stomach, therefore decreasing them.

The truth is that if you have too many secondary bile acids in the intestine, it can increase your risk of colorectal cancer. What’s more, an excess of this particular type of acid can also lead to a whole load of other intestinal problems. Avoiding them is important if you want to keep a clean bill of health.

For more information about your specific dietary requirements, make sure that you contact a medical professional.