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Home Chef Cost: How Does Pricing Work? (Per Week / Month) • 2020

Meal delivery continues to gain in popularity, as it’s a fun and convenient way to try new dishes with no leftover or wasted ingredients. Home Chef (our review) is currently one of the leaders in this crowded field of brands, but is it in your budget to sign up?

The weekly and monthly cost of weekly delivery isn’t listed until you login, so how much does it really cost? Here’s everything you need to know about Home Chef’s pricing:

How Much Does Home Chef Cost?

You can find the price of available meals by clicking, “Our Menu” on the top nav. You’ll see this week’s meals, and the prices are listed “per serving” like this:

home chef cost

So, how much are meals? Unless a price is listed, you can assume that it costs the default price of $9.95 per serving.

Tip: While most meals cost $9.95 per serving, there’s also a selection of lunches which cost $7.99 per serving, and optional add-ons, like smoothies, for $4.95 per serving.

home chef cost lunch

*You can also choose to view their optional Premium Meals,” for special occasions, which are priced at $11.95-$19.95 per serving. (When available)

Cost Per Week and Month?

home chef delivery options

When you sign up for Home Chef, you’ll set your “Number of Weekly Meals,” (2-8) and the “Servings Per Meal.” (2-6)

To determine the cost, multiply your total number of weekly servings by $9.95. If you have chosen any lunches, multiply that number by $7.99 and add it to the total.

Here are the weekly and monthly costs of popular Home Chef delivery options:

  • 3 Meals w/ 2 servings ea. (6 servings): $59.70/wk. ($238.80/mo.)
  • 2 Meals w/ 4 servings ea. (8 servings): $79.60/wk. ($318.40/mo.)
  • 4 Meals w/ 2 servings ea. (8 servings): $79.60/wk. ($318.40/mo.)
  • 3 Meals w/ 4 servings ea. (12 servings): $119.40/wk. ($477.60/mo.)

Tip: Use a coupon! There’s always a promotion available for new customers. You can save $30 on your first order + $10 off your second orderwhen you use a coupon.

*When I eventually decided to pause my subscription, I was also presented with the option of having meals delivered every other week, instead of every week. That’s good for busy people, and a great way to cut your monthly bill in half!

Shipping Cost?

So, how much does Home Chef charge for shipping? Delivery is always free on $40+ orders, but costs $10 for any order less than $40.

For this reason it makes sense to set a weekly total of 5+ portions to avoid being billed for expensive shipping fees.

Is Home Chef Expensive?

At about $10 per person per meal, Home Chef costs less than going to a quick-serve restaurant, which costs about $12-14.

It’s also not cheap to make your own meals, as Americans spend a lot more than they realize at the supermarket. The worst part is that we end up wasting about half of the food we do buy!

That should make you appreciate the efficiency of meal delivery which doesn’t leave you with unused ingredients to languish in the refrigerator or pantry!

Is Home Chef Worth It?

If you enjoy cooking simple meals with fresh ingredients with no waste, Home Chef might be a better investment than buying groceries to cook, or dining out!

I’ve enjoyed the anticipation of Wednesday deliveries, as well as the hour or so of time that it gives my wife and I together when we cook.

Another positive aspect of meal delivery services is that it gets you out of your comfort zone of cooking, as we have the habit of cooking the same 10-15 dinners all the time.

I’ve had about 5 more shipments from Home Chef over the last couple of months, and have chosen to skip weeks when we are busy or not home.

Tip: You can skip deliveries for weeks that don’t work for you. Just be sure to do so several days ahead of time to avoid being billed, or having food sent on an inconvenient day!

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Is Home Chef in your budget? Meal delivery from any top brand can look expensive at first glance, and you could certainly argue it is. However, a large part of the reason is that we don’t realize how much we’re already spending on food.

For our family, it’s not uncommon to spend $80 eating dinner out at a restaurant. That’s about twice the cost as a dinner (4 servings) from Home Chef. So, if you compare Home Chef to eating out, it’s not expensive.

However, if you’re thrifty and can efficiently pull off a simple, home-cooked family dinner for under $30, then all meal delivery brands look pricey!

So, we are currently in the midst of trying other meal delivery services, including HelloFresh, so that we can compare and decide which is the best. They all seem to be in the same price range, and they all offer great coupons and new customer promotions for signup.

So, if you aren’t in love with the one you signed up for, just cancel after a month or two, or put your membership on hold while you think it over.

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