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How Do I Find My EIN (Employer ID Number)

What’s an EIN, and where can you find it? Your EIN (Employer ID Number) can be crucial to e-filing your taxes, but where do you find it? Here’s a quick, helpful answer for where to find your EIN:

How to Find Your EIN:

What is an EIN? Your Employer ID Number (or EIN) is a number that identifies your employer to the I.R.S., but where can you find it?

The simplest way to find your EIN is to look at box b of your W-2. It’s a nine-digit number with a dash after the first two digits:

find ein on w-2 taxes

If you don’t have your W-2 yet, you can find your EIN on last year’s W-2 if you still work for the same employer.

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Other Ways to Find Your EIN:

You can also reach out to the department that handles your company’s payroll. They should be able to provide you with the EIN.

Once you find your employer’s EIN, simply type it in and click the continue button to import or enter your W-2.