Medifast Shakes: $15 Off $150- Cheapest Price w/ This Coupon

Need Cheap Medifast Shakes? Your best bet is always going to be to get your shakes directly from Medifast, (and not from a 3rd party) but did you know that they offer monthly coupons to bring down the cost? Click below to get our latest $15 off coupon good towards shakes and meals.

We update the link above every few days with the latest code, so click to get today’s featured coupon!

Need Free Recipe Ideas for Medifast Shakes?

If you are on the Medifast diet, you might benefit from some variety with your shakes. The video above gives you some good ideas including a refreshing lemon meringue shake, (using Medifast French vanilla shake) Mayan dark chocolate shake (Medifast dark chocolate shake; a little spicy!) and a strawberry lemonade smoothie. (using a Medifast starwberry lemonade flavor infuser).

In the video they use a Medifast blender, but any old blender will work. Also, you don’t have to be as positive as the guy in the videos, or have an edgy haircut like him, either. Most of the time I’m in my kitchen I’m angry and drinking wine. (watch those calories from alcohol!)

Anyway, all these drinks are on the 5 & 1 plan, and ready in under a minute, so try them out!

How to Make a Medifast Shake Quickly

If you are new to their weight loss program, or haven’t joined yet, check out this video to see just how easy it is to make a shake at home.

Cheap Medifast Shakes on Amazon? Really?

Actually, when you see Medifast shakes on 3rd party sites like Amazon, it’s usually Medifast that is selling them. The issue is that if you aren’t getting your shakes directly from Amazon, you can’t use any coupons or promo codes for Medifast, and will probably pay more!

So, how do you get the cheapest price on Medifast shakes, then?

medifast logoThe best price for shakes comes from when you buy at least $150 worth directly at Once you pass that order minimum, you can find coupons for at least $15 off and / or free shipping on your order.

Keep in mind that these codes won’t work towards already discounted kits, or promotions for new customers. You’ll actually have to click on the “shop” tab and select boxes of shakes and meals one at a time.

*New: Medifast reviews!

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