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Nutrisystem 2 for 1 Sale (Is It Really a Good Deal?)

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Nutrisystem advertises several promotions during diet season. One of the most popular is their “2 for 1” sale, which gives you your first two months for the (retail) price of one, with no promo code needed.

So, is this “two for one” bogo sale the best deal for you? That depends.

Here’s the commercial, plus everything you need to know about the Nutrisystem two for one sale:

The Nutrisystem 2 for 1 Commercial (TV)

During peak diet season season (which starts January 1st) the entire commercial diet and weight loss industry is humming with activity. All of the big names are competing for your attention, and the web is flooded with coupons and promotions, including Nutrisystem’s popular 2 for 1 sale.

Here’s what the TV ad looks like:

OK, great. But what does “2 for 1” really mean? Here’s how it works:

How the 2 for 1 Bogo Sale Works: Nutrisystem/2for1

So, what does “two for one” mean? In the ads Nutrisystem says that the sale is, 2 months for the price of 1,” but that’s based on the full-retail one-month price, which no one really pays. TO see that (inflated) price, look where it says, “One Time Delivery”:

I mean, $550+ for a month of Nutrisystem? That’s crazy!

To understand the logic of their “2 for 1” sale, you have to accept that the math is based on the inflated, “one month” price.

Important: Does the 2 for 1 deal last for only two months, or does it continue indefinitely at the initial monthly price?

Or, you could get a 2 for 1 offer in your email:

nutrisystem 2 for 1 sale
The two for one sale on FB

You might see Nutrisystem’s 2 for 1 promo codes on Facebook, too:

nutrisystem 2 for 1 sale on facebook
The Nutrisystem bogo sale on Facebook
nutrisystem 2 for 1 facebook

I see the Nutrisystem for Men 2 for 1 sale on my fantasy football app:

nutrisystem for men 2 for 1 sale ad

*They also offer this same sale for diabetics and their plans for men.

Is 2 Months for 1 the Best Deal?

Nutrisystem usually has several promotions out there at once, so it’s good to compare them to get the best price. These seasonal sales include the: 50% off, $300 off, and the $249 special,

So, how long does that discount pricing last? Before continuing with the 2 for 1 sale, click, “details” at the top of the page to read the fine print:

nutrisystem 2 for 1 promo details

If they don’t mention that the sale continues for “every order,” it may end after as few as 2 months! In that case, skip the promotion, as your bill might unexpectedly change in the future.

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What’s Better Than the 2 for 1 Sale?

The Who once said, “And like one and one don’t make two, one and one make one,” and it seems like the same confusing logic sometimes applies with Nutrisystem’s 2 for 1 deal.

It really all depends on whether the initial low price is locked in, though. If you aren’t sure, consider their 40% off promotion, which locks-in the low monthly price that you signup with, and also allows you to stack a couple of promo codes for free food.

Here’s the promotion:

nutrisystem best coupon
*This promotion locks-in the discount “forever”

*You can click on the ad to learn more and apply the discount, or see all of today’s Nutrisystem coupons here.

In Conclusion:

The 2 months for 1 deal is great if you are sure that the initial low cost is locked-in. If not, then I recommend the popular 40% off sale.

Not completely sold on Nutrisystem?

It’s good to do your homework when making a big decision. If you’re looking for another meal delivery diet to compare with Nutrisystem, check out the South Beach Diet (review, cost, coupons). They also have a new keto-friendly option, which is very popular.

Or, if meal-delivery isn’t your thing, consider going more of the do-it-yourself route with the highly rated WW Weight Watchers (coupons, cost) program, or the Noom Coach app (review, cost, free trial).

Either way, talk to your doctor before starting any diet, and good luck! Thanks for stopping by!

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