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Shutterfly Mug Review: We ordered One (Check It Out!) + Best Deal

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So, you’re searching for a gift for a family member that’s both personal and practical. Maybe you want to spend less than $20? Photo mugs from Shutterfly are a great gift option. We ordered a couple of them, and they are great. Here’s our Shutterfly mug review:

Shutterfly Mugs

Before we get into our review, here’s a few things you should know about Shutterfly mugs:

  • 3 size options: Choose 11, 15, or 25 oz. (large latte) sizes
  • 6 color options for the interior and handle of the mug, or all black or white
  • Photos: Choose from 1-4 photos. The fewer you have, the larger they can be
  • Occasions: There are a lot of design template options, sortable by occasion, plus some Disney designs

Designing a mug:

Shutterfly has a simple design process. I always design mugs from my laptop, but it’s so easy that you can do it from your phone. They just walk you through the steps, and it’s easy to choose photos from your phone or pics that are already uploaded in your Shutterfly account.

Tip: I’m a fan of simplicity, too. That’s why I like simple designs with 1-3 photos. If you choose more than that, the photos are pretty small

shutterfly mug design

Ok, the design process is complete, now it’s time to find a coupon and place our order!

*You can add Ghirardelli chocolates or hot chocolate mix to your mug at checkout if you’d like. Personally, I didn’t.

Tip: If you are planning to order a mug from Shutterfly, know that shipping is expensive! It’s a good idea to get several items at once to average-down the cost of shipping. Also consider their free shipping coupon if available.

So, what do the mugs look like? Here are some pics of the latest mug we ordered:

Our Review:

It took about 6 business days to deliver, but our mug arrived today!

shutterfly mug review photo

As you can see, the mugs are well-packaged in Styrofoam containers. That’s not environmentally-friendly, but it does get you your mug safely! Besides, the Doomsday clock is at, like 2-minutes to midnight, so who cares about the environment anyway, right?

Here’s another photo of the mug:

As you can see, the photos are really sharp! I especially like how the interior and handle are colored. Personally, I think the all-white ones look cheap, so the color adds a lot.

I got the 11 ounce mug which is the standard “coffee mug” size. I’m not a fan of the larger mugs because your coffee or tea is likely to get cold by the time you get to the bottom; especially the 25 oz. size!

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Free Shutterfly Mugs!?

When I ordered my mug I did so from their occasional “free mug” promotion. They often list at least one product as “free” on their promotions page, which can be a good deal. However, nothing in life is free, and you still have to pay for shipping, which can be pretty salty. In fact, for this “Free mug” I had to pay $8 for shipping!

I took the opportunity to order a second mug, which only raised the ridiculous shipping price by $2, therefore averaging the cost per mug down.

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We love Shutterfly mugs, and I think they are the best custom photo mugs online. (Better than Snapfish!) They are a great way to remember a fun trip or vacation, and are an amazing gift idea. However, don’t pay retail price! Definitely wait for a good deal if you have the time.

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