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Verizon Fios Student Discount: Save Up to $10/Month!

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Is there a Fios student discount? Verizon now offers reliable Fios Home Internet to students at an unbeatable discounted price with no promo code needed. Best of all, there are no contracts, data caps, or extra fees for equipment. As a student, you’ll also get a 2-year price guarantee that your internet bill won’t increase.

Here are today’s best Fios promotions plus how the Fios student discount works.

Fios Student Discount: Best Deals | Who Qualifies? | How It Works

Best Fios Sign-Up Deals Now:

Here are the best signup deals for students and those who are just students of life.

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Fios Student Discount
Up to $10 off per month for college undergraduates and graduate students...Show More
Up to $10 off per month for college undergraduates and graduate students. Click now to learn more: College students get u Show Less
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Free Xbox + $300 in Gift Cards
Wow! Get up to $100 Verizon gift card + $200 Home Depot Gift...Show More
Wow! Get up to $100 Verizon gift card + $200 Home Depot Gift Card or Free Xbox Series S with new plan signup. Click to view promotion details: Show Less
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Internet + TV Bundles
Up to $500 in free gift cards when you bundle Verizon Fios Internet and...Show More
Up to $500 in free gift cards when you bundle Verizon Fios Internet and TV Plans. View bundle promotions now: Show Less

The Fios student discount is pretty sweet, but also consider the other featured offer as it usually includes bonuses like free gift cards. If you’re already a Verizon Wireless customer you can get an even better deal.

Here’s who qualifies for the student discount for FIos Internet.

Who Qualifies for the Fios Student Discount?

Here’s who is eligible for the Verizon Fios student discount:

  • Students currently enrolled in college or an accredited institution of higher education
  • Community college students
  • Students enrolled in a Technical college
  • Graduate students or those enrolled in a post-secondary educational institution of higher learning
  • The spouse or parent of a qualifying student can apply for the discount on their behalf

Do you think you qualify? Here’s how to get the Fios student discount now.

How to Get the Fios Student Discount:

If you are a student, follow these steps to get the Fios student discount now:

  1. Verify your status through here
  2. View the Fios student Home Internet plans here
  3. Sign up and you’ll receive an email confirmation of your enrollment in the student discount

Afterward, Verizon will ask you to verify your student status annually with to keep the student discount. (Source)

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Why Verizon Offers College Students a Discount on Fios Internet:

Recently, Verizon has made a big push in attracting students as customers. It makes a lot of sense because most people probably choose an internet provider during their college years and then aren’t likely to switch. Here’s why Verizon says they offer a student discount on Fios:

“College is the first time many students live on their own and the first time they have to make decisions about choosing an internet service, which is why we’re offering them super fast, super reliable service on the 100% fiber-optic network at an incredible price.”

“With the costs of attending college at an all-time high, it’s important for students to know that they have a new choice for internet and most important: that they don’t need to sacrifice quality to save.”

Nina Bibby, senior vice president, consumer segment marketing at Verizon

Well, the average student loan debt is well over $30k so saving students money on their internet, TV, or 5G bill is a plus.

I hope you are eligible for the Fios student, veteran, or teacher discount. If not, our other featured offers are pretty sweet, too, and usually come with bonuses like free gift cards or even an Xbox!

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