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Alec Bohm Autograph: Analysis + Signed Baseballs 25% Off

Nebraska native, Alec Bohm, is enjoying a breakout year with the Phillies who are also enjoying a historically good season. The combination of those two factors means that Alec Bohm merchandise is flying off the shelves in the Philadelphia area and the value of his autograph is rising, too.

In fact, prices on eBay are already creeping up toward $200 for a signed baseball but still have a ways to go to reflect his recent improvement and popularity with the ladies. (It has to be the hair!)

If you are looking for an amazing gift for any Phillies fan, consider buying them an Alec Bohm signed baseball. The best place to get one is probably Fanatics, and this month we have promo codes for up to 25% off your purchase sitewide including Bohm-signed baseballs.

I took some time to analyze Alec’s signature for clues about his personality and then listed the best authentic Alec Bohm autographed baseballs, baseball cards, and jerseys available at Here’s today’s featured coupon:

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Alec Bohm autograph: Signature Analysis | Ring the Bell | Black Ball | Go Phillies Ball | MLB Debut Ball | Game Used | Signed Cards

Alec Bohm’s Autograph Analysis:

alec bohm autographed ball authentic

Do you know you can tell a lot about someone by looking at their signature? Autograph qualities including the size, angle, position, and legibility all give clues about the player’s attributes. Let’s take a quick look at Alec Bohm’s autograph and what it says about his personality.

  • The angle of Alec Bohm’s signature is mostly straight but often ascends a little bit. This shows balance, self-sufficiency, and a touch of optimism
  • The size of Alec’s autograph is just the right size, which is good. Exceptionally large signatures can signify ego while smaller ones hint at insecurity.
  • Position: See how Alec’s signature is centered, fits well on the ball, and doesn’t get too close to the stitches? That shows Alec is a team player
  • large capital letters. This implies that he has a quick mind and ample self-confidence.
  • Most of the secondary letters in Alec’s signature (after the capital “A” and “B”) are illegible. This implies that Alec does not have to explain himself or worry about details and instead believes his actions will speak for themselves
alec bohm autographed photo

I don’t personally know Alec Bohm, but I do watch just about every Phillies game and that sounds like a pretty good analysis of his personality based on his signature. Speaking of how Alec signs things, you can get your own Alec Bohm autograph on an officially licensed authentic baseball from Fanatics. Here are my picks for the best Alec Bohm-signed baseballs and merch available to buy now. Don’t forget to use a coupon for up to 25% off the price!

1. Alec Bohm “Ring the Bell” Signed Baseball:

This is my favorite Alec Bohm signed baseball because it includes a handwritten, “Ring the Bell” under his signature. That adds a lot, so even though it’s going to be more expensive than a baseball with just his signature, I think it’s worth it and includes rush shipping. Only $150 $113 with coupon!

*See Alec Bohm signed balls & merch at

2. Alec Bohm Signed Black Baseball

This black leather baseball signed by Alec Bohm is a pretty sweet alternative to the regular white Rawlings balls and looks great on display. Alec signed it in gold marker which also looks pretty sharp and maybe a little cooler than your average ballpoint pen autograph. As you can see, all of these baseballs come with a hologram and unique serial number proving their authenticity.

*See this Alec Bohm signed baseball at

3. Alec Bohm Ball Signed, “Let’s Go Phillies!”

This is a pretty sweet signed ball that includes Alec’s signature plus, Let’s go Phillies in Alec’s handwriting. It does add a lot to have the extra message written by Alec, but you’ll pay more than a plain autographed ball. Only $150 $113 with coupon!

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25% Off $49+
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3. Plus free shipping. VISA promotion with exclusions. May have to use your VISA card. Click for promo code: Show Less

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4. Alec Bohm Signed Ball w/ Phillies MLB Debut Date

Alec Bohm was brought up from Clearwater to play 3rd base for the Phillies back in August of 2020, and this signed ball commemorates that day. Not only do you get a nice Alec Bohm signature, but he also wrote, “MLB Debut 8/13/20” underneath his autograph.

*View this Alec Bohm autographed ball at

5. Alec Bohm Signed Game Used Baseball

This signed baseball signed by Alec Bohm was used during an actual Phillies game so it looks a little grittier than a perfect new Rawlings ball right out of the box. Because it was game-used you might get a scuff from being hit by a bat or a pitch in the dirt. Of course, this makes it more desirable and a lot more expensive.

Each signed game-used ball includes a hologram and serial number for authenticity as well as a description of the game in which it was used and how Alec played in the game. Usually, Alec did well in the game and probably got a couple of hits or RBIs. While each one is unique, here is the description for the ball available today:

“Add a piece of game-used memorabilia to your Philadelphia Phillies collection by picking up this Alec Bohm autographed baseball from their game against the New York Mets on June 25, 2023. Alec finished this home matchup with three hits, one run scored and one RBI, which helped lift the Phillies to a thrilling 7-6 victory”

*See this Alec Bohm signed game-used baseball at

6. Alec Bohm Fanatics Authentic Signed Ball

One of the most popular Alec Bohm signed baseballs is the official classic Rawlings MLB ball with his signature and no other writing. These baseballs are also significantly less expensive than the ones with hand-written messages, so if you are looking to give these as a gift they will likely be closer to your price range.

It’s crazy that you can still get one of these balls relatively cheap, but I have to assume that the value of all Alec Bohm autographs is going to shoot up this year.

7. Alec Bohm Autographed Rookie Card:

alec bohm signed baseball card

You can use the same coupon towards signed Alec Bohm trading cards including his authenticated Topps rookie card with autograph and hand-written MLB debut.

8. Alec Bohm Signed Jerseys On Sale:

alec bohm signed jersey sale

If your budget is higher, consider checking out the official authentic Nike jerseys signed by Alec at You can even get one framed.

Sure, you can find autographed Bohm jerseys cheaper on eBay, but they might have been made in China and signed by a fat bearded man in Tampa!

Fanatics Has More Bohm-Signed Balls, Helmets, & More!

alec bohm signed jersey framed

When it comes to baseballs, trading cards, helmets, and merch signed by Alex Bohm, Fanatics has all of the bases covered. (pun!) While you’ll find a plethora of Alex Bohm autographs online including on eBay, don’t take a risk buying something that might be fake. Fanatics Authentic is probably the most legit and trustworthy place to buy signed baseballs and comes with documentation and even a hologram and unique serial number so that you can look up your signed item on

alec bohm batting phillies

I hope you enjoyed my analysis of Alec Bohm’s autograph plus the pretty sweet signed baseballs from Fanatics. You can check out today’s selection of balls, helmets, jerseys, photos, and baseball cards signed by Alec at Don’t forget to use a coupon to get the best price online!

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