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5 WSJ Subscription Deals, Best Discount? $4/Month • 2024

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The Wall Street Journal has been the most trusted source for financial and business news since soon after it was founded in 1889. Although technology and finance have changed profoundly since then, The Journal is still the most respected print and online source to help make shrewd decisions with your money.

Speaking of finance, we have the best discounts and deals for WSJ Digital and Print subscriptions. Click below to get the WSJ for as cheap as $4 per month for up to the first 12 months. Here are today’s best WSJ subscription offers and deals:

WSJ Subscription: Today’s Discounts | Best Deal? | $4 Per Month | $99 Print Deal | Amazon | Gift Subscription

1. WSJ Subscription Discounts, Offers Now:

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Digital: $2/week
1. WSJ Digital $39 $8 per month. That's 85% off up to 12 months + Print delivery...Show More
1. WSJ Digital $39 $8 per month. That's 85% off up to 12 months + Print delivery option. Includes and the WSJ app. View this offer: Show Less
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Digital Bundle: $4/Week
2. Includes WSJ, Barron's and MarketWatch for an extra...Show More
2. Includes WSJ, Barron's and MarketWatch for an extra fee each month. View this WSJ subscription deal at Show Less
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WSJ Print Deal: 40% Off
3. WSJ Print with 3 delivery options. Click, then scroll down to "See...Show More
3. WSJ Print with 3 delivery options. Click, then scroll down to "See Print Options" on View WSJ subscription deal: Show Less
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WSJ Investor Bundle: $16/mo.
4. WSJ, Barron's, MarketWatch, + Investor's Business...Show More
4. WSJ, Barron's, MarketWatch, + Investor's Business Daily IBD subscription bundle. First 12 months, cancel anytime. Show Less
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Gift Subscription: 60% Off
5. Gift Subscription 6 months for $234 $117. Not the best deal...Show More
5. Gift Subscription 6 months for $234 $117. Not the best deal, but good if you are giving a gift subscription. Show Less

Sometimes there are multiple WSJ subscription deals available, so how do you know which one is best?

2. How to Get the Best Deal on a WSJ Subscription:

How can you get the best possible deal on a WSJ subscription? While the $4 a month offer is usually best, it’s not always available. Here’s how to get the best possible deal now.

  1. Decide whether you want to add optional Print delivery of up to 6 days a week.
  2. Consider adding Barron’s and MarketWatch for as little as $2 more per month with the WSJ Digital Bundle.
  3. Subscribe with an offer that locks in the promotional rate for 12 months. You can always cancel early with no penalty, but longer promotions save more.

Amex cardholders may also qualify for a special WSJ subscription discount. Here are the best deals to look for when you subscribe to WSJ Digital with optional Print delivery.

3. How Does the WSJ Digital $4 Per Month Offer Work?

The best WSJ Digital subscription deal is usually their $4 per month offer.

That means you are only billed $4 every 4 weeks for up to 12 months, which is an incredible 90% discount on the regular rate of $38.99 per month.

This is a better deal than their “50% off” promotion and the “60% off Gift Membership.”

You can also choose to add Barron’s and MarketWatch (digital + apps) for an additional $2 per month with the WSJ Digital Bundle.

wsj 4 dollars a month

As you can see, WSJ Digital for $4 a month is a 90% discount on their regular rate for up to one year!

wsj digital dollar per week

The $4 subscription deal is no problem for those with a fear of commitment, as you can cancel at any time.

Does the WSJ $4 a-month deal include print? Sorry, the $4 deal is for Digital subscriptions only and does not include print delivery. However, the same promotion does offer a special discount on a print subscription with 3 delivery options.

Top 3 WSJ Subscription Deals Now:

  1. WSJ Digital Discount: $4 per month for up to 12 months. No code needed
  2. Wall Street Journal Print Delivery: 50% off the first 12 months
  3. WSJ Digital Bundle w/ Barron’s and MarketWatch 90% Off

4. How the Wall Street Journal $99 Print Deal Works:

I notice that most WSJ subscription promotions are for Digital only, but what if you want a discount on Print delivery?

One of the most popular WSJ subscription deals is 6-month weekend-only Print delivery for $99 but it’s not always available.

To see today’s best discount for WSJ Print subscriptions, click here then scroll down under the featured offer and click, See Print Options.”

wsj print pricing

This will apply a 40-50% discount to Print subscriptions for up to the first 12 months.

wsj print delivery cost

The WSJ has 3 options for Print delivery:

  1. Weekend delivery on Saturday only
  2. Weekday delivery Monday-Friday
  3. Monday to Saturday delivery 6 days a week

Remember, shorter subscription deals like “$12 for 12 weeks” look good but don’t save as much as the 12-month offers.

All subscriptions include WSJ Digital including unlimited access to plus their app.

WSJ subscription discount not working? The Wall Street Journal runs only one promotion at a time for their Digital, Print, and Bundle subscriptions. However, they do not include expiration dates with these offers. If your WSJ subscription coupon is not working, it has likely expired and has been replaced with a new offer.

5. WSJ Subscription Discount on Amazon?

The Wall Street Journal is a top name in financial news and Amazon is, of course, the most popular place to buy everything at unrivaled prices. So, you would think that Amazon would have a great deal on Wall Street Journal subscriptions, right?

That’s actually not the case, as Amazon no longer sells WSJ subscriptions.

In fact, when you search Amazon for a Wall Street Journal subscription you’ll see this “currently unavailable” message:

amazon wsj subscription discount

Why doesn’t sell WSJ subscriptions anymore? I believe the reason why Amazon no longer sells WSJ subscriptions is due to political differences. The Wall Street Journal is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. The conservative WSJ is also a direct rival to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ progressive Washington Post.

So, it makes sense that Amazon doesn’t want to encourage people to subscribe to the WSJ at any price!

Wall Street Journal Gift Subscription:

wsj gift subscription

Do you have a friend or family member who would love a subscription to the Wall Street Journal All-Access Digital? If so, they have an option to buy and gift a subscription at a 60% discount. Here are a few important things to know before gifting a WSJ subscription:

  • Your gift subscription starts on the delivery date that you specify
  • Gift subscriptions are 6 or 12 months
  • Gift subscriptions end at the end of the gift term and do not renew
  • Pricing will not change, but there are no refunds!

You can learn more about Wall Street Journal gift subscriptions here.


Ultimately, subscribing to the Wall Street Journal can be an excellent investment for those seeking high-quality, reliable, and up-to-date information on global business, finance, and other related topics. It can prove valuable for professionals, investors, students, and anyone interested in staying informed about the ever-changing landscape of the business world.

A subscription to the Wall Street Journal is a wise investment, so make sure you get the best deal possible. If you are only interested in WSJ Digital, then look for the $4 per month offer. The same promotion also applies a generous 50% discount to Print delivery subscriptions.

If the WSJ $4 per month subscription deal is not available, consider waiting as their featured promotion changes every week or two, so you might get a better deal in a few days.

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