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21 Hate Camping Memes: Raccoons, Spiders, Bears, Oh My!

My family and I love to go camping.

Actually, that’s not true.

My family and I love the idea of camping. However, the reality of camping is quite different, and usually involves hours of packing, dirt, mosquitoes, smoke, bears, raccoons, and bodily pain from a terrible night’s sleep.

For that reason I decided to make a bunch of camping memes that you can share with your friends, who may also be under the delusion that camping is simple and fun. Here are my camping memes, plus a couple of other funny hate-camping memes I found online. Enjoy!

funny camping quote meme packing car

We spend more on supplies to go camping for our $20 campsite than it would cost to get a room at the Ritz-Carlton.

camping no kids funny meme

Camping without kids can be fun!

camping friday the 13th funny

Hate camping? Don’t worry; your odds of being murdered in the woods are pretty small.

camping meme game of thrones funny

I mean, I had to do a Game of Thrones meme… sorry, It’s required.

tent setup fail meme
spider tent meme camping

There’s a rumor going around that you swallow a few spiders every year in your sleep. That’s probably not true, but it could happen!

camping meme bear tacos

I found this funny bear / camping meme online and had to include it.

funny camping meme homeless

I guess we’re trying to channel our ancient, dirty ancestors. Why else would we spend a lot of money to live like we’re homeless?

raccoon meme camping

I’ve been camping a number of times, and usually the raccoons come out just as we’re getting ready for bed. They probably just want our food, but you never know.

bear meme camping rape

I don’t know why, but my friends and I are obsessed with the idea that bears might rape us while we’re camping. I think it started when one of us wen to go poop in the woods, and my friend Brett yelled, “don’t get raped by a bear!” Then, it just stuck.

camping bear meme funny
hate camping meme
Camping sounds like a fun idea, right? Hate camping meme
funny mud tents camping hate
I love NOT camping. Hate camping meme.
camping in tents pun

Get it!? You know, “intense?” Nevermind.

That’s what I usually feel like emerging from my tent in the morning.

camping meme apocalypse funny

If you think about it, it’s kind of true. And, unfortunately, the post-apocalypse will be more than just one night. (Although, no kids on cell phones will be a plus!)

funny camping meme homeless

Or, perhaps you prefer to compare camping to a little refugee crisis. (with s’mores, of course!) Mmm… I do love me some s’mores.

i love not camping
I love not camping. Funny meme for those who hate camping
hate camping women ecard

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camping is not fun meme

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never going camping again meme

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