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Uber TurboTax Discount: Best Deal for Rideshare Drivers?

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If you are an Uber driver you might know that you have access to a special discount on TurboTax software. There are also several coupons that you can use at checkout for even bigger savings. Here’s how the Uber discount works, and how to get it:

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How Uber Drivers Can Get a TurboTax Discount:

TurboTax provides a discount to Uber drivers for their Self-Employed edition. To access the discount follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Uber Driver account
  2. Choose, Tax Information on the top nav menu.
  3. Then, click Start for Free next to the TurboTax logo to begin
  4. Your savings will be applied at checkout

In case you have any issues accessing the discount, you can also use this link, or find similar savings on our TurboTax coupon page.

No Uber Service Code is Needed!

There’s no need to use a service code to get the TurboTax Uber discount. By simply accessing the “tax information” section in Uber account and following the prompts, you should qualify for the best price.

Codes are issued directly from customer support for specific reasons, so unless you’ve been sent one, there’s no need to search for one!

Can Uber Drivers Get TurboTax for Free?

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Uber may offer the Premium edition of its software free to qualifying Uber drivers this year! To see if you qualify, just log in to your account at https://partners.uber.com and click on the TurboTax link.

What Edition of TurboTax is Best for Uber or Lyft Drivers?

The Self-Employed edition is most appropriate for Uber and Lyft drivers.

If you go through your Uber account it will automatically get you started with the Premium (formerly Se;f-Employed) edition. This is the best version of their software because it has all of the tools you need including special tax deductions for rideshare drivers.

As an Uber driver, you have a lot of costs that go well beyond gasoline and tolls. The good news is that most of those costs are also tax deductions. Be sure to get every deduction you deserve by using the Premium edition!

A single missed deduction could be worth much more than the money you save using a cheaper version of their software, or one of the discount tax software brands online.

Ride Share Drivers: More Ways to Get a Discount

While utilizing Lyft or the Uber discount for TurboTax may be your best bet, there are other ways to get a discount on TurboTax this tax season, and you won’t need to enter a code. Your bank or financial institution may offer their partner a discount of up to $20 off TurboTax software.

Or, if you are a college student or in the military, you probably can file for free or at a special discount.

Organizations like AAA and AARP also sometimes make a TurboTax discount available through their website. Thanks for stopping by Pretty Sweet!