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Vanguard TurboTax Discount? Save Up to $20 Now • 2024

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If you are a Vanguard client you might qualify for a special discount on TurboTax. However, we noticed that the discount hasn’t been available lately, and we’re not sure if it’s going to return.

For this reason, we’re happy to offer you our similar affiliate discount for up to $20 off TurboTax Deluxe, Premier, and Self-Employed.

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Here’s how the Vanguard TurboTax discount works if it’s being offered this tax year.

How to Get the Vanguard TurboTax Discount:

You might notice that Vanguard TurboTax content on the “Personal Investors” section of their site at

However, while Vanguard offered a TurboTax discount for several years, it looks as though the offer has ended. (See below)

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turbotax page not found

As you can see, the Vanguard TurboTax discount is no longer available, and by clicking the link from Vanguard to TurboTax you’ll get an error page.

Looks like the TurboTax discount has been discontinued indefinitely. Doh!

No TurboTax? 3 Other Vanguard Discounts:

It seems as though Vanguard is not promoting an affiliate discount for TurboTax. However, there is good news. Not only do we have a similar discount here, but you may also find a similar discount from credit cards and banks like Bank of America, Amex, and Fidelity

As a Vanguard client, you get other discounts. Here are 3 other Vanguard discounts besides TurboTax:

  1. Commission-free trading: Vanguard offers commission-free trading on all Vanguard ETFs, as well as on many ETFs from other providers. This can help investors save on trading costs and keep more of their returns. It’s also a snap to import Vanguard trades to TurboTax.
  2. Low expense ratios: Even though Vanguard isn’t promoting their TurboTax discount, they are still known for its low-cost index funds and ETFs. These often have expense ratios that are significantly lower than those of similar funds from other providers. By keeping expenses low, investors can invest those discounts to potentially earn higher returns over time.
  3. Volume discounts: Vanguard may offer volume discounts to clients who have large account balances or who make frequent trades. These discounts can help reduce the costs of investing and may make it easier for investors to reach their financial goals. However, the specifics of any such discounts would depend on the client’s specific situation and investment needs.

So, even though you aren’t getting a Vanguard TurboTax discount, you can still enjoy various other discounts and perks as a Vanguard customer.

Tip: A “Vanguard” is the foremost part of an advancing naval force. Hence, the Vanguard logo is a ship!

Sorry, the Vanguard TurboTax Discount is No Longer Available!

If the Vanguard TurboTax discount is offered again, we’ll be sure to post it here. While Vanguard doesn’t offer a discount on TurboTax, we do!

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