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Factor 75 Discount Codes: Get 60% Off First Box! • 2024

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Factor 75 recently burst onto the scene offering a dietitian-designed menu of healthy and delicious prepared foods delivered to your door. Unlike meal kits, there’s no cooking and no mess, and they even have a keto plan. Factor 75 is healthy eating made easy, and it’s been exploding in popularity in the fitness community.

Are you thinking of signing up? Factor meals aren’t cheap but you can get a great deal when you join. New customers can use a Factor75 discount code for $120-276 off depending on your number of weekly meals. First-time customers may also get free shipping.

Here are today’s best promo codes and offers for Factor meals:

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Factor Meals Discount Codes, Coupons Now:

factor 120 off promotion
factor meals coupon
First Order: $120 Off!
1. Best deal! Save 60% on your first box (up to $120) + get 20% off the...Show More
1. Best deal! Save 60% on your first box (up to $120) + get 20% off the next 4 boxes for up to a $276 total discount. Click to get code and visit factor75.com Show Less
factor meals coupon
Keto Plan: $120 Off
2. First week plus 20% off next 4 weeks. Click to apply discount code and...Show More
2. First week plus 20% off next 4 weeks. Click to apply discount code and view the Keto plan at Factor75.com Show Less
factor meals coupon
First Order: 60% Off
3. Plus 20% off next 4 boxes. Save $75 on your first box of 10 meals per...Show More
3. Plus 20% off next 4 boxes. Save $75 on your first box of 10 meals per week! Get discount code: Show Less
factor meals coupon
On-Site Coupons
4. See this month's featured coupons on one page at factor75.com. Click to view:Show More
4. See this month's featured coupons on one page at factor75.com. Click to view: Show Less

Not sure which code is best for your order? Try comparing codes at checkout. Here’s how:

Best Factor 75 Discount Code to Use:

What’s the best discount code for Factor Meals? That depends on how long you want to stay with Factor75. Currently, discount code FACTOR276 offers the best long-term savings and applies a tiered discount of 60% off your first order plus 20% off the next 4 boxes for up to $276 in total savings.

If you plan to only order 2-3 boxes, then consider code FACTOR120 for a tiered discount totaling $120 off your first 3 boxes.

Tip: Consider ordering more meals with your first order to take advantage of the 50% discount with our featured promotion. You can reduce or change the number of meals in your plan at any time.

Top 3 Factor 75 Discount Codes Now:

  1. $120 off your first order with code: FACTOR120OFF
  2. $276 off Factor Meals (5 boxes) with code: FACTOR276
  3. $100 off your first box with code FACTOR100

Best Factor 75 First-Time Discount?

“And it feels like the first time,
Like it never did before,
Feels like the first time,
Like we’ve opened up the door.
Feels like the first time,
Like it never will again.”

Feels Like the First Time, Foreigner

While Factor is relatively pricey, the good news is that as a new customer, you can get an amazing deal. Here’s today’s best first-time discount for Factor 75 plus how to get the best deal on your first box now.

The first-timer discount here is front-loaded for up to 60% off your first delivery. So, try it out, and if you aren’t loving the program cancel at any time. You can compare this first-time discount against other Factor offers listed here.

Like a lot of brands, Factor is willing to lose money on your first order in the hopes that you’ll try their nutritious meals and stick with their program long-term. Since you only get one chance to take advantage of a first-time discount, make sure you get the best deal possible.

You might be asking why beginners are so lucky when it comes to signing up. Here’s why it’s better to be a Factor rookie than an actor wookie.

How to Use a Discount Code:

The featured Factor 75 meals offer should apply a discount code instantly to your cart when you click the promotional link or banner like this:

factor75 best coupon

As you can see, this promotion includes a $120 total discount on your first 5 boxes plus free shipping on your first order!

However, to find the best discount code for your specific order, I recommend comparing multiple codes at checkout. Just enter one code at a time:

Where do you enter a discount code? To enter a code, just do so in the box under “Order Summary” that says, “Got a discount code?” during the first step of the checkout process.

enter factor meals discount code

After a valid code is applied you’ll see the discount itemized above the order subtotal.

If a code has already been applied, you can just enter another code and then click “Apply” to compare savings.

Factor Meals Student Discount?

Our featured discount is usually the best, but it’s possible to save just as much through other groups and organizations.

Student discount: Although Factor 75 doesn’t promote a discount exclusively for students, you can take advantage of their featured promotion for 60% off your first order here.

Although you won’t get a student discount directly from Factor 75, you may still be able to get a student discount in other ways.

For example, ID.me can use your .edu email address to verify that you are a college student actively enrolled in classes. This will enable you to get various student discounts through their site for brands including Factor 75.

Alternately, many colleges offer their students wellness discounts directly from their websites but require a verified student account. Look for a Factor 75 student discount of up to $100 directly from your school!

Factor 75 Free Shipping?

Factor75 charges a flat shipping fee of $10.99 no matter how many meals are in your box. For this reason, free shipping is a nice extra discount if you can find it.

Does Factor 75 have a free shipping code? Factor does not currently have a valid code for free shipping that actually works. Instead, they promote a generous discount to first-time customers for $120 off 8 meals per week or $276 off 18 meals. That’s a much better saving than just getting free delivery.

free shipping factor75 meals

I notice that a number of Factor discount codes, including those posted on Reddit, claim to include free shipping, but don’t waste your time as the free shipping codes don’t work.

We frequently test our Factor Meals discount codes, so if one works for free shipping we’ll surely feature it on this page.


Factor75 discount codes only work for new customer accounts, and you only get one chance to sign up. For this reason, make sure you use a code that yields get the best possible savings as a first-time customer.

You may also qualify for a special discount as a college student or member of the armed forces.

I hope we were able to provide you with the best Factor 75 discount code and it’s an incentive to start a healthier lifestyle with Factor Meals. Thanks for stopping by PrettySweet!