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$199 Nutrisystem: What’s the Best Deal Now? • 2024

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Nutrisystem has run several popular promotions over the years including their famous $199 deal. This promotion was for the Basic Plan only and has been discontinued. However, the good news is that they’ve replaced it with a better offer.

Here’s their best deal plus what you should know about the defunct Nutrisystem $199 special.

Hurry, this extra discount could end soon! You can see more Nutrisystem deals here, but now let’s talk about the $199 plan.

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About the $199 Nutrisystem Deal:

A couple of years ago you might have seen ads like this promoting a Nutrisystem plan for $199:

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nutrisystem basic 199 deal

That’s a pretty incredible sale, as the sale price of their plans currently starts at around $279 for Basic. That means the $199 promotion saved over 60%!

However, there was a catch. The $199 promotional rate was for the first month or two, after which the price would jump significantly.

That made the Nutrisystem $199 promotion a great deal short-term, but not so good if you stayed with the program long-term. So, don’t get too nostalgic for the $199 deal as they’ve replaced it with a better 50% off promotion.

What’s Better Than Nutrisystem for $199?

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Ah yes, I remember the carefree days of eating $199 of Nutrisystem food picnic-style in the sun while laughing with my wife.

She explained to me that the $199 box of food was meant to last an entire month, but I was pretty jacked up on iced coffee and couldn’t hear her very well over the chirping birds and the sound of our friends chewing their salads.

Like painted kites, those days and nights of $199 Nutrisystem went flying by.

While we may have lost the Nutrisystem $199 deal to the summer wind, the good news is that there’s now a better deal for joining Nutrisystem. The current 50% off sale locks in the promotional rate with no surprises on your credit card in future months.

Tip: You can use a promo code to get up to an extra $25 discount and free food on top of the 50% savings when you sign up. The best codes are updated daily on this page.

The Nutrisystem $199 special had a good run, so let’s give it some credit with a proper eulogy.

Goodbye $199 Nutrisystem

Yes, back in 2019 it was a simpler world of golden sand and umbrella skies when you could enjoy a month of Nutrisystem for $199 and mask-free grocery shopping.

Change blew in with the Autumn wind and the winter winds, but it did bring a superior Nutrisystem deal with consistent pricing.

If you are interested in joining Nutrisystem, you’ll find their featured offer here to save up to $300. You can view today’s best promo codes here.

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Meh, the Nutrisystem $100 deal was OK

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