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Nutrisystem Advantage Plan: Review, Cost + 30 Days Free!

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Are you thinking of joining Nutrisystem but the commitment scares you a little?

Nutrisystem Club Advantage is a flexible membership option designed for individuals who want to maintain their health and weight without the full commitment of the standard monthly Nutrisystem plan. This program could be a great fit if you’re transitioning from a stricter regimen or just want more control over your diet plan.

Here’s more about the Advantage program including a free trial, the cost, how it works, and how it’s different than the regular Nutrisystem program.

Nutrisystem Club Advantage: Free Trial | How it Works | Difference | How to Cancel

Advantage 30-Day Free Trial Offer:

Are you thinking of joining Nutrisystem Club Advantage? Before we dive into our overview of the plan, here is their best current offer to join. This month you can try Club Advantage free for 30 days!

nutrisystem club advantage free trial
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Advantage: 30-Day Free Trial
2. Very flexible alternative to Nutrisystem auto-delivery! Discount a la...Show More
2. Very flexible alternative to Nutrisystem auto-delivery! Discount a la carte food, tools, and coaching at a special low monthly price. Click to learn more and view free trial offer Show Less

Click above to learn more about the Nutrisystem Advantage program and get started today at no cost for your first 30 days!

How the Nutrisystem Advantage Plan Works:

Think of Club Advantage as Nutrisystem Lite.

Club Advantage membership allows you to select your favorite high-protein Nutrisystem meals and snacks and have them delivered to your door on your schedule without a big commitment.

The Advantage program is less about providing a full, structured meal plan and more about offering the flexibility to choose what you want, when you want it. You can order just breakfasts, just snacks, or whatever combination suits your daily routine, without being tied to a complete meal plan.

Club Advantage also includes 1-on-1 coaching sessions which provide ongoing advice and support

How Is Advantage Different Than Regular Plans?

The main difference between Club Advantage and the regular Nutrisystem plans lies in the structure and commitment level:

  • Regular Nutrisystem Plans are more structured and a bigger commitment than Advantage, delivering most of the meals that you’ll eat every month at a fixed price.
  • Club Advantage offers a more a la carte approach than regular Nutrisystem plans, allowing you to order any combination of meals and snacks as needed at a 30% discount. It’s ideal for maintaining weight or for those who want to manage their diet with more flexibility.

According to, “Joining Club Advantage gives you access to all of the benefits of a proven nutrition system, without making you commit to a traditional structured plan.”

How Much Does Club Advantage Cost?

You can join Club Advantage with their 30-day free trial offer and no signup fee here. If you don’t cancel before the end of the 30 day trial you’ll be billed $49.99 every 6 months thereafter.

That gets you unlimited a la carte food at a 30% discount. Plus, get free shipping including all $99+ frozen food orders.

You can cancel anytime without a penalty or fee, but there are no pro-rated refunds for unused months.

Who Might Prefer the Advantage Plan:

nutrisystem advantage free trial 30days
  • Recent Graduates of the Full Nutrisystem Program: If you’ve recently reached your weight loss goal and want to maintain your new weight, Club Advantage allows you to continue enjoying Nutrisystem foods without the full meal plan.
  • People Seeking Flexibility: If you find that you only need help with certain meals or prefer to cook some meals yourself while relying on Nutrisystem for others, this program gives you that flexibility.
  • Budget-Conscious Consumers: Since you only order what you need, Club Advantage can be more budget-friendly compared to the cost of the regular plans, which are pricey and include most of your meals and snacks for the entire month.

Tip: Club Advantage is an appealing option to those who want more menu variety and DIY meals than the regular plans.

How Can I Cancel Club Advantage?

It’s easy to cancel Club Advantage. Just click on My Account through or app and choose, “Cancel Subscription.” You can also cancel by calling them at 1-800-727-8046, or email with the subject Cancel Advantage Plan.

Final Thoughts:

Club Advantage is all about flexibility, fitting Nutrisystem into your life in a way that feels natural and sustainable, providing the benefits of structured dieting with the freedom to customize according to your lifestyle and preferences.

If you’re interested in a more flexible version of Nutrisystem while keeping the convenience of pre-prepared meals, Nutrisystem Club Advantage could be just the right fit.

The best part is that you can try it free for 30 days. If you aren’t loving it, just cancel anytime during the free trial period.

Good luck, and thanks for stopping by Pretty Sweet!