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Free Nutrisystem Shaker Bottle w/ Promo Code ($10 Value)

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Free Nutrisystem shaker bottle: Did you know that you can stack several promo codes when you sign up at It’s true, and one of the most popular promo codes is for a free shaker bottle.

Here’s today’s code to get a free shaker bottle plus a review of how it works.

Free Nutrisystem Shaker Bottle Promo Code:

There is usually a promo code available for a free shaker bottle when you sign up for any Nutrisystem plan. It’s a $10 value and a pretty sweet freebie if you’re joining. Here are the best codes now:

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$30 Off + Free Shipping
1. Free shipping saves extra $9.99! Plus, get up to 55% off and free...Show More
1. Free shipping saves extra $9.99! Plus, get up to 55% off and free shipping when you pay for 2+ months up front. You'll see the "spin to win" button at the lower left of the Plans page. Show Less
coupon nutrisystem
Free Shaker Bottle
6. $10 value. Not bad! Stack 2 codes when you join Nutrisystem. Get...Show More
6. $10 value. Not bad! Stack 2 codes when you join Nutrisystem. Get promotional code: Show Less

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OK, let’s talk more about the free shaker bottle.

Nutrisystem Shaker/Blender Bottle Details & Review:

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Wow, just look at that sweet shaker bottle. Plus, unlike Nyan Cat, you know it’s real because of that sticker that says, “Genuine” on the side!

Perfectly portable, this 20-ounce Nutrisystem Shaker bottle is dishwasher–safe and includes a useful metal “agitator” ball.

As you can see, the blender bottle includes an agitator. However, your shake is the only thing that will get agitated as it’s easy to use. Just pour in your water, add your shake mix, drop in the ball, and shake. No lumps or clumps of powder (or cat hair?) You’ll get a smooth, creamy shake every time! Awwwww yeah!

The regular price of the Nutrisystem shaker bottle is around $10, but you get it for free when you use a promo code.

Sweet Promo Code for a Free Shaker Bottle!

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You’ll notice that the packaging on the Nutrisystem shaker bottle reminds you not to leave the bottle in a baby’s crib. Oh, and shake the bottle, not the baby. Ah, good advice!

Anyway, Nutrisystem promo codes change weekly, so we keep an updated list of the best ones including today’s codes for a free shaker bottle, free cake mug mix, and 5 free cookie packs.

In fact, there are usually other codes available, so don’t be shy at checkout. Try using at least 2 or three to save on the cost of joining and get free food.