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Schwab TurboTax Discount? Here’s How to Save Now!

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Since 1971 Charles Schwab has offered a range of banking, brokerage, and financial advisory services to help clients build and manage wealth. Schwab’s recent acquisition of TD Ameritrade has made them one of the biggest banking institutions in America with trillions of dollars of assets.

Speaking of managing wealth, many banks offer their clients exclusive discounts including online shopping, travel, and tax software including TurboTax. So, does Schwab currently offer a TurboTax discount?

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Here’s what Schwab clients should know about getting the best deal on TurboTax this tax season.

Schwab TurboTax Discount?

While banks like Chase offer clients a special discount on tax software, Charles Schwab currently does not offer a discount on TurboTax. As a Schwab customer myself, I don’t see any mention of TurboTax within my account and have not received any emails from Schwab promoting a TurboTax discount.

In fact, unlike other banks, Schwab doesn’t offer clients online savings or coupons of any kind. However, they do have tax resources and offer up to a generous $1000 if you refer a friend as a new client.

Alternatives to a Schwab TurboTax Discount:

If you’re a Schwab client looking to get a discount on TurboTax we have good news. There are numerous other ways to save on TurboTax online products instead of through Charles Schwab.

Students, Dashers, members of the military, and AAA may qualify to file free or at a discount, while AMEX and Robinhood clients are likely to see a special offer for TurboTax through their accounts.

However, you won’t have to search far to get a similar discount, as we can save you up to $20 through our exclusive discount here!

Helpful: Schwab Explains Taxes:

While death and taxes are unavoidable, we can at least learn a little more about taxes instead of just hating them. Here’s a helpful video from Charles Schwab explaining how to avoid making mistakes when filing your taxes.


Although there is no Schwab TurboTax discount this year, it is possible they may offer one next year. If they do, we’ll be sure to post how to get the discount on this page. In the meantime, good luck this tax season, and thanks for visiting Pretty Sweet!