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TD Ameritrade TurboTax Discount: Get 10% Off Online

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Numerous banks offer clients discounts and rewards for shopping, travel, and popular software like TurboTax. So, does TD Bank have a special TurboTax discount for clients? The short answer is, “no,” but we have an exclusive discount here:

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Does TD Ameritrade Offer a TurboTax Discount?

As a TD bank client, I get monthly rewards from using their credit card. However, I’ve noticed that, unlike other banks, TD Ameritrade does not have a client discount for TurboTax.

That’s disappointing, as you’d think that a company that made its name saving people money as a discount brokerage firm would also pass along discounts on shopping and travel, but that’s not the case!

As you can see, there is currently no TurboTax discount offered in the tax resources section of the or etrade websites.

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Even if you aren’t offered a discount through your TD Ameritrade account, I still think you should strongly consider using TurboTax to file your taxes.

*Fidelity, Amex, and Chase may also offer a TurboTax discount!

Why TD Ameritrade Customers Should Consider Filing With TurboTax:

If you do your banking or trading with TD Ameritrade, here are some of the top features you can expect from TurboTax:

  1. Easy Import of Investment Data: TD Ameritrade clients can breathe a sigh of relief come tax season. TurboTax allows you to effortlessly import your 1099 forms directly from TD Ameritrade, simplifying the process and cutting down on manual entry errors. It’s like having a fast-forward button for your tax prep.
  2. Optimized for Investors: TurboTax has features specifically designed for the investment-savvy, ensuring you get every deduction or credit related to your investments. It’s like having a tax guide tailored just for your portfolio.
  3. Access to Real Experts: Stumped by a complex tax situation or need clarification on your investments? TurboTax provides TD Ameritrade customers access to live tax experts who can offer personalized advice
  4. Streamlined Filing Experience: TurboTax guides TD Ameritrade customers through the filing process with an intuitive interface and straightforward instructions, all while being tailored to your investment activities. It’s like having a co-pilot for navigating the tax season skies.
  5. Stay Current with Tax Laws: With TurboTax, you’re always up to date on the latest tax laws, including those affecting investments. This ensures you file your taxes correctly according to the most current regulations, giving you peace of mind without having to dig through the tax code yourself.

Why TurboTax Customers Should Consider Using TD Ameritrade:

TD Ameritrade’s journey started in 1975, born out of a vision to make investing accessible to everyone. If you use TurboTax, here’s why I think you should consider trading with TD Ameritrade:

  1. User-Friendly Platform: Jumping into TD Ameritrade after using TurboTax is simple. Their trading platform is designed with the user in mind, making it easy for beginners yet robust enough for seasoned traders.
  2. No Minimums or Hidden Fees: Starting your trading journey with TD Ameritrade feels refreshingly straightforward. There’s no minimum deposit to open an account, and they’re big on transparency with fees, so you won’t get caught off guard.
  3. Top-Notch Educational Resources: If you love how TurboTax educates you along the way, TD Ameritrade’s extensive library of educational materials, from articles to webinars, will feel like a treasure trove. It’s perfect for sharpening your investing skills.
  4. Wide Range of Investment Options: TD Ameritrade opens the door to a vast universe of investment opportunities, from stocks and bonds to ETFs and beyond. It’s like having an all-access pass to the financial markets.
  5. Excellent Customer Support: Whenever you need help or have a question, TD Ameritrade’s customer support is there for you, mirroring the helpful guidance you’ve come to appreciate from TurboTax. It’s like having a friend in the finance world, ready to assist 24/7 in the U.S. or Canada.

Good Luck This Tax Season!

Even if TD Ameritrade doesn’t offer their clients a discount on TurboTax this year, the good news is that we do! I hope we were able to save you some money on your TurboTax purchase, and thanks for stopping by!