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7 Reasons Why WeightWatchers Is Worth the Money

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Weight Watchers is a program designed to provide structure and support for those looking to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Over the years, it has evolved to incorporate a wide range of tools and services that address diet, exercise, and behavioral modification.

So, is it worth the cost to join Weight Watchers, or are you better off using a free app and going it alone? To answer that question, let’s look at what you get for your $10+ monthly investment.

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Valuable Features | Worth the Money? | Wasteful Spending | Ways to Save

Weight Watchers Valuable Features:

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Here are seven of the most valuable features included in a Weight Watchers membership:

  1. Personalized Nutrition Plan: WeightWatchers uses a science-backed system called SmartPoints, which simplifies calorie counting by assigning points to foods based on their nutritional content. Every member receives a personalized daily points budget based on their metabolism, goals, and preferences, making it easier to make healthier food choices without strict restrictions.
  2. Workshops and Coaching: One of the standout features of WeightWatchers is the option to attend in-person or virtual workshops led by WW Coaches who have successfully lost weight on the program themselves. These workshops provide education, motivation, and community support, which are crucial for long-term weight loss success.
  3. 24/7 Live Coaching: Members can access on-demand support from WeightWatchers Coaches anytime, which is invaluable for getting real-time advice and encouragement, particularly during challenging moments when they might be tempted to stray from their goals.
  4. WeightWatchers App: The comprehensive WW app includes tracking features for food, water, weight, and activity; a barcode scanner for easy grocery shopping; a vast library of healthy recipes; and a valuable social network called Connect where members can share their journeys and support each other.
  5. Fitness Content: WeightWatchers offers guided workouts through their app, ranging from yoga and cardio sessions to strength training. This feature is perfect for beginners or anyone needing structured exercise plans without the cost of a gym membership or personal trainer.
  6. Health and Wellness Content: Beyond weight loss, WeightWatchers provides content that addresses overall wellness, including sleep hygiene, stress management, and strategies for building healthy habits. This holistic approach ensures that members improve their overall health, not just their weight.
  7. Behavioral Science Techniques: Like Noom, WeightWatchers incorporates strategies based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help members change their eating and activity habits. This focus on the psychological aspect of weight loss is often overlooked in free apps, which tend to focus solely on diet and exercise.

While there are numerous free weight loss apps out there, you usually get what you pay for. If you are still hesitant to join, check out their free trial here.

Reasons Weight Watchers is Worth the Investment:

While there are many alternative free weight loss apps available that can track calories and provide basic dietary guidelines, Weight Watchers offers a comprehensive program that covers all aspects of weight management from a holistic perspective. Here are compelling reasons why joining WW is worth the monthly investment:

  1. Structured Support: The blend of technology and human interaction in WW offers a more structured support system than what most free apps can provide. Research shows that structured weight management programs result in greater weight loss compared to self-directed diet attempts. The accountability provided by workshops and coaching, combined with a tailored eating plan, enhances adherence to dietary recommendations and leads to more significant weight loss outcomes.
  2. Community Support: One of the critical factors in successful weight loss and maintenance is social support. WW’s community features, such as Connect and group workshops, provide a network of peers who encourage and motivate each other, creating a sense of belonging and shared purpose. Studies indicate that social support can significantly impact weight loss by increasing motivation and resilience against setbacks.
  3. Educational Resources: WW offers a vast array of educational materials and workshops that help members learn about healthy eating, behavior change, and lifestyle adjustments necessary for weight loss and health improvement. This educational approach empowers members to make informed choices and develop skills that sustain long-term health benefits.
  4. Sustainability: Unlike many diets and free apps that promote quick fixes, WW encourages sustainable weight loss through gradual, steady changes to eating and activity habits. This approach is more likely to lead to permanent weight loss and health improvements, as supported by numerous studies showing that gradual lifestyle changes are more sustainable than radical overhauls.
  5. Customization: WW’s approach is highly customizable, accommodating different dietary preferences and restrictions, including vegetarian, gluten-free, and more. This personalization makes it easier for members to stick with the program long-term, as opposed to generic, one-size-fits-all diet plans often found in free apps.
  6. Expert Guidance: The access to trained coaches who have themselves been through the weight loss journey with Weight Watchers adds a layer of trust and expertise that free apps cannot offer. These coaches can provide professional guidance tailored to individual challenges and goals, which is crucial during a weight loss journey.
  7. Highly-Rated: WW is grounded in evidence-based practices. It consistently ranks highly in U.S. News & World Report’s annual evaluations of best diets, reflecting its effectiveness and scientific foundation. Furthermore, numerous clinical studies validate the effectiveness of the WW program in achieving significant weight loss.

Today’s promotion drops the price of WW to $10 per month and you might even get free months or a free smart scale!

In deciding whether Weight Watchers is worth the monthly cost, let’s look at a few expenses that most Americans waste money on every month.

Wasteful Monthly Spending:

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Looking to save money each month? While Weight Watchers is a small additional monthly expense, you’re probably wasting money in other ways that you don’t even realize. To put the cost of WW into perspective, let’s look at a few popular monthly expenditures that probably aren’t worth the cost:

  1. Coffee from Cafes (e.g., Starbucks): Many Americans buy coffee daily from shops like Starbucks with the average American spending nearly $20 per month (source).
  2. Subscription Services: This includes streaming platforms (Netflix, Hulu, etc.), music services (Spotify, Apple Music), and fitness apps. It’s common for households to subscribe to multiple services, often overlapping in content, which can total anywhere from $20 to over $100 per month depending on the number and type of subscriptions.
  3. Eating Out: Dining at restaurants or ordering takeout can add a significant amount to monthly expenses. On average, Americans spend about $300 per month on eating out, which varies widely based on lifestyle and income. (source)
  4. Cable TV: Despite the availability of cheaper streaming options, many households still pay for cable TV, which can cost on average around $100 per month, a significant expense especially when combined with streaming services.
  5. Wine / Alcohol: We enjoy a bottle or two of wine a week. That means even drinking cheap wine can be a $50+ per month habit.
  6. Lottery Tickets: If you buy five $2 lottery tickets once a week, that’s a $40 per month expense
  7. Gym Memberships: While beneficial for health, gym memberships often go underused. The average cost of a gym membership is around $50 per month, and it’s estimated that most members don’t go consistently enough to justify the expense. (source)

Tip: Take a close look at your monthly credit card bill and you’ll probably find surprising fees for subscriptions that you don’t use anymore including apps, streaming services, video games, and more!

How to Save Money on WeightWatchers:

A WeightWatchers membership costs only a fraction of what you spend on food every month. Here’s how to save money when you join WW.

  1. Use a coupon: New members can save 60% on the first 6-12 months of their WW subscription with this coupon. There are also special discounted memberships for teachers, students, and U.S. Military members.
  2. Plan and Prep Meals: By planning your meals for the week, you can buy only what you need, reducing waste and avoiding impulse purchases. Meal prepping also helps you stick to your WW points budget, as you can control the ingredients and portion sizes. Utilize leftovers creatively to extend your food budget further.
  3. Shop Smart: Take advantage of sales, bulk buying, and coupons, especially for staples like lean proteins, whole grains, and frozen vegetables. Many stores offer discounts on fresh produce that’s nearing its sell-by date, which you can consume quickly or freeze for later. Consider joining a wholesale club if your household food consumption justifies the membership cost, which can offer significant savings on bulk items.
  4. Incorporate Low-Cost, Healthy Foods: Some nutritious foods are inherently low in cost yet high in nutritional value, fitting well within the WW framework. Beans, lentils, eggs, canned tuna, frozen fruits and vegetables, and brown rice are excellent examples. These items can be used in various recipes, ensuring your diet remains diverse and satisfying without breaking the bank.
  5. Don’t buy WW stock as it’s historically been a terrible investment! Proof

A single dinner out at a restaurant can cost $40+ per person, so try to cook at home when possible!

Is WW Worth It?

In conclusion, while free apps provide basic tools for weight loss, Weight Watchers offers a comprehensive and scientifically supported holistic program for sustainable long-term weight loss.

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$10/mo. + Join Free
1. Featured WW offer. Save up to $150+ on 10 months Digital + optional Workshops. Click to...Show More
1. Featured WW offer. Save up to $150+ on 10 months Digital + optional Workshops. Click to view today's best deal at Show Less

I think the $10+ monthly investment in WW is justified by the valuable tools educational resources, and community support included in your WeightWatchers subscription.

At the end of the day, a free weight loss app can be worth less than nothing if it’s a waste of your time! WeightWatchers offers a lot of valuable features for a small monthly expense and that’s why I’m happy to recommend WW to friends.

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