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Weight Watchers Points Calculator for 2024 (New!)

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The Weight Watchers program is based on a point system to nudge you towards healthy food choices including a list of zero-point foods that don’t count against your daily points budget. Members can use the WW app to find the points value of just about any food plus thousands of recipes with WW points. However, you still might want to estimate the points value of a food from the nutritional value.

If so, you’re in luck as we’ve made a Weight Watchers points calculator to help you calculate an estimated point value for any food with a formula based on calories, carbs, fats, protein, and fiber content.

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Weight Watchers: Points calculator | Daily points | Formula | Old calculator

Weight Watchers Points Calculator:

new weight watchers points calculator

Here’s our Weight Watchers points calculator to help you estimate the WW points in a food or recipe:

*Our manual points calculator is not endorsed or promoted by Weight Watchers. For the exact point value of any food, join WW and use the app!

Tip: If a recipe includes zero-point foods, then it might have fewer points than estimated by our calculator. We do our best but can’t be accurate with every food!

WW Daily Points Allowance Calculator:

calculating weight  watchers points
calculating ww points

Currently, the average number of points per day is 23 for women and 26 for men. Plus, you are given weekly points that are earned by tracking your exercise.

There are several variables that determine your daily SmartPoints allotment including weight, height, age, and activity level.

Essentially, the younger, taller, and more active you are, the more WW points you get. Here are two examples:

  • A short woman who is inactive might get a daily SmartPoints allotment of 24 SmartPoints
  • A tall, 28-year-old woman who exercises 3+ times a week might get 29 SmartPoints.

WW makes their points formula a secret because it’s just one part of their holistic program. They discourage you from calculating and tracking points without joining WW, as doing so is not an effective way to lose weight long-term.

We are currently refining our Weight Watchers points allowance calculator, so please check back soon!

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Points Formula: How Our WW Calculator Works

Weight Watchers has a complex formula for calculating the points value of food that also accounts for over 200 zero-point foods. Because of this, no simple formula can accurately calculate the exact point value of a food or drink.

The WW points formula is based on the nutritional content of food with calories, carbs (sugar), and saturated fats increasing the point value of a food, while protein and fiber decrease the point value.

However, we created our own formula that weighs these good and bad factors and built a calculator to estimate the points value of any food from the nutritional content.

Our WW points formula is basically We also tested the points calculator by using dozens of online WW recipes and foods to better refine the weight we gave each part of the formula.

The result is a free WW points calculator that’s pretty accurate in estimating the number of Weight Watchers points in a food! Of course, we continue to refine the calculator, so hopefully, its accuracy will continue to improve with time.

Where Is the Old Weight Watchers Points Calculator? (Points Plus)

old weight watchers points calculator

The original WW points calculator was based on a different formula and did not account for free, zero-point foods. Therefore, the current point value of a food could be much different than under the original or old points.

Example: Grilled chicken with vegetables might have cost you 6 points under the old system, but only 1 point with their new formula. That’s a big difference, so I recommend jumping on board with the hip, new calculator!

The Weight Watchers points formula has evolved over the years including old point systems like WW Points, SmartPoints, and PointsPlus. WW believes that its current system for calculating points is superior, so we don’t try to replicate the old points calculator.

Calculating WW Points Isn’t Easy!

It’s hard to create a formula for calculating WW points for every food. That’s because Weight Watchers goes beyond simple math to calculate points and determine which foods should cost more or fewer points.

I hope our WW points calculator has helped you calculate the estimated number of points in your food. The good news is that you can get all of the benefits of WW including a searchable point database on the WeightWatchers app, and it costs as little as $10 a month.

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1. Featured WW offer. Save up to $150+ on 10 months Digital + optional Workshops. Click to view today's best deal at weightwatchers.com Show Less

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