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Adam & Eve Free Gifts: What Are The 10 Freebies? • 2024

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If you’re a new customer you’ve probably seen the promotion for a free welcome kit or free mystery gift with your first order. However, the contents of the sexy welcome kit are indeed mysterious, and nobody talks about the contents.

Well, until now, that is. We placed an order at just so we could learn what the Adam and Eve free gifts are in 2023 and 2024.

Here is today’s best offer plus how to get free gifts with your order at

Adam and Eve free gifts: Best Promotion | What are they? | How to get | 10 free gifts | Free romance kit

Best Offer With Free Gifts Now:

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50% Off + Free Rush Shipping
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You can get up to a 50-60% discount and free shipping with today’s top coupons for! Here’s how to get the free welcome kit plus what the contents of Eve’s pleasure kit are!

What Are the Adam & Eve Free Gifts?

You’ll see that most Adam and Eve promotions include free gifts To see what today’s free gift is, add one or more items to your cart and your free gifts will appear under the contents of your cart like this:

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Usually, the free gift is a vibrator, free ultimate orgasm kit, DVDs, or something with about a $20-30 value. If you’re lucky, you might also get a free mystery gift!

So, how do you actually get free gifts? Glad you asked, as there are a number of ways to get freebies.

5 Ways to Get Free Gifts at

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Adam & Eve, known for its vast selection of adult toys, lingerie, and entertainment, occasionally offers free gifts to sweeten the deal for its online customers. Here are a few ways to snag freebies on their site:

  1. Promotional Codes: Adam & Eve frequently runs promotions where you can receive free gifts by entering a coupon code at checkout. These codes are often found on their website, in their newsletters, or through affiliate marketing partners. The gifts can range from extra toys, samples of lubricants, condoms, or even DVDs. (who still watches those?!)
  2. Email Sign-Up: By signing up for their email list, new customers often receive a welcome gift along with exclusive offers and discounts. The welcome gift could be anything from a discount on your purchase to a small toy or accessory.
  3. Minimum Purchase Offers: Sometimes, Adam & Eve offers free gifts with a minimum purchase. For example, spending over a certain amount might qualify you for one or more free gifts added to your order. These could include adult toys, accessories, or other pleasure-enhancing products.
  4. Bundle Deals: Many products come with a free gift. These are typically bundle deals where you buy a specific item or collection, and a complimentary gift is included with your purchase. It’s a great way to try something new that you might not have considered buying on its own.
  5. Seasonal Promotions and Special Events: During holidays or special events like Black Friday, Adam & Eve might offer special promotions that include free gifts with purchases. These are often some of the best times to shop if you’re looking for added value.

The Adam and Eve free gifts vary weekly depending on what they have on-hand; from toys designed to enhance pleasure for individuals and couples to practical items like personal lubricants and cleaners, to playful accessories and erotic entertainment. While you can usually choose your free gift, the surprise element of the mystery gifts can be fun!

What Are the 10 Free Gifts?

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Adam and Eve often promotes a popular offer that includes a discount plus 10 free gifts. So, what are the gifts?

Don’t get too excited as it’s not actually ten unique, great presents. For example, the ten free gifts might just be 1 cheap vibrator with 5 attachments plus 2 DVDs and 2 condoms. Yes, it’s technically 10 free gifts, but more like 2 pretty good gifts plus accessories.

That’s OK, though. Getting anything for free is fun, so I can’t complain!

Adam & Eve Free Romance Kit:

Sometimes promotions include a free welcome kit or romance kit for new customers. So, what’s actually in this “free welcome kit?”

We were really curious about the welcome kit which they said was a “$50 value.” So, we decided to place an order to see what the free gifts are. Here are the contents of our Adam and Eve mystery kit:

adam eve welcome kit contents
  • Pocket vibrator + 4 attachments
  • 3 Penis rings (harder longer)
  • Adult DVD
  • Deep throat gel (1 oz.)
  • 2 condoms

I would say these free gifts are not quite a $50 value, but very fun freebies, nonetheless. Woo hoo!


OK, so now you know how to get free gifts plus what the contents of the romance kit , welcome kit, and mystery gifts might be. Freebies are fun, even if they are mostly cheap gag gifts, so go buy something and have a safe, sexy time.

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