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Amazon Gift Receipt (Hide the Price!) + Free Gift Message

I buy something on Amazon at least once a week. While most of these orders are shipped to our house, other times I want to send an Amazon product as a gift to a different address.

By default, Amazon ships the item with a receipt that shows the price, which isn’t OK if you’re sending a gift! You’ll want to include a gift receipt that hides the price.

Also, many times larger items are shipped in a box that shows what the contents are inside. Obviously, if you’re sending a gift you don’t want the recipient to see what’s in the package!

Here’s how to send an Amazon order as a gift with a gift message, gift receipt, and optional gift wrap.

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1. How to Send Amazon Gift Receipt (Hide the Price!)

When you send a gift through Amazon you can usually include a gift receipt. Here’s an example plus how to include a gift receipt.

amazon gift receipt example

When viewing an item on you’ll usually have the option to add a gift receipt and hide the price on the packing slip.

If available, this option will be visible under the “Add to Cart” button like this:

amazon gift receipt send

Just tick the box that says, Add a gift receipt for easy returns.”

You can also choose to have Amazon send the recipient a gift receipt by email after the gift is delivered. To do so just click, Email the recipient a copy of their gift receipt box under Add-ons. (See below)

You’ll then have the option to add a free gift message.

2. How to Add a Free Gift Message to Amazon Package:

After clicking to add a gift receipt, you’ll get a popup box for an optional free gift message like this:

amazon send as gift not available

By default the gift message reads, “Enjoy your gift!” but you can customize the gift message with 200+ characters and up to 7 lines of text.

3. Use “Amazon Packaging” to Hide What’s Inside!

If you are sending someone a gift you don’t want them to see a big photo of it on the outside of the box when they receive it!

For that reason, many items that have a picture of the contents on the box will have the option to ship in Amazon packaging so the surprise isn’t ruined.

To ship in discreet Amazon packaging add the item to your shopping cart, then click “Ship in Amazon packaging” under the price like this:

amazon send gift packaging

You can choose to ship in Amazon packaging at no extra cost, but, having Amazon wrap your gift is an extra fee.

4. Amazon Can Gift Wrap Your Package (Not Free)

send amazon gift wrapped

If the free Amazon gift message isn’t fancy enough for you, consider paying to have them wrap your gift for a $4.49 fee. This option is available under Gift options / Add-ons on the checkout screen.

amazon wrap gift cost

While Amazon can wrap your gift any time of the year, it’s a full-time job for some Amazon workers before Christmas. Here’s how Amazon gift wraps packages:

Pretty sweet, right?

Now, let’s talk about your options if Amazon doesn’t give you the option to send your package as a gift.

5. Amazon “Send As Gift” Option Not Available?

“For Amazon-fulfilled items, we decide what gift options are available, depending on the item category and size. Third-party sellers on Amazon choose what gift options to offer for their items.”

Amazon can ship your item as a gift from one of their warehouses, but some items ship directly from the manufacturer, and therefore gift options are not available.

In that case, you’ll see a message that says, Gift options not available under the item description in your shopping cart like this:

amazon send as gift unavailable

When gift options are unavailable consider shipping the item to your house. Then you can either resend it in different packaging or wrap it up and give it to them in person.

Alternatively, you can look for the same or similar item shipped with Amazon Prime instead of from the manufacturer or a third-party seller.

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To Review…

If you are sending a gift with Amazon you have a few options including a gift message and gift receipt to hide the price. You can also pay Amazon to wrap your gift package for an extra fee.

However, if the package is shipped by the manufacturer or a third party your options are limited to what that specific seller offers.

I hope this helps you understand how sending a gift with Amazon works. Thanks for stopping by Pretty Sweet!