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Andre Blake Highlights | Best Saves Ever (Wow!)

If you are a Philadelphia Union soccer fan then you are quite familiar with Goalkeeper of the Year, Andre Blake. In fact, the amazing Andre Blake is now a 3-time MLS Goalkeeper of the Year and the Union has a bright future with him in goal.

2022 was an incredible season for the Philadelphia Union and they never could have made it to the MLS Cup without Andre Blake in goal.

Let’s take a look at Blake’s best saves from the 2022 MLS season with the Philly Union:

Andre Blake Highlights: Best Saves 2022

You must be kidding me with some of those saves! It’s worth watching those highlights twice as you can’t even wrap your head around them the first time.

Andre Blake Highlights: Best Saves 2021

Andre Blake Highlights: Best Saves Ever

Wow, still hungry for Andre Blake highlights?

Remember when he joined the Union from Jamaican International? Watching the saves he made early in his career it was clear that he would be one of the best MLS goalies ever. Here are highlights of a young Andre Blake:

Here’s a video of goalie Andre Blakes’s top 29 saves ever:

I also love this save that Andre Blake made for the Union against Nashville:

Andre Blake could probably catch a bullet if he tried!

Insane Andre Blake Highlights! (What a Save!)

Wow, no wonder Blake is arguably the best goalie in the MLS! He deserves every dollar of his salary this year with the Philly Union.

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Thanks for watching these pretty sweet Andre Blake highlights!