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27 Candid Before & After Pics: Clear Aligner Results (Wow!)

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Clear aligners from top brands like Candid Co. are a lot cheaper and usually faster than traditional orthodontics and braces.

It can be inspiring to see a few of the thousands of people who’ve straightened their teeth at home with Candid, so we’ve put together this page of before and after pics.

I hope you enjoy. If so, please share or pin any of these photos! Also, if you are thinking of signing up, you can view our Candid coupons including today’s featured coupon here!

Candid Before and After Photos:

Lots of happy Candid customers post their smiling photos online and on social media. Here are some of our favorite before and after pics!

Before & After: Tonya L.

Tonya L. of Oklahoma, started her 10-month (20-step) treatment plan last summer to address crowding and spacing issues.

What motivated her to get started? “I had always been a little insecure of my smile and one day, this Candid coupon showed up on my feed. I finally gave in and made the call.”

Before & After: Kalah

candid before after kalah

Think your teeth are too crooked for Candid clear aligners? Kalah’s orthodontist-designed plan cleared up her spacing issues and protruding teeth as part of the same comprehensive treatment. Looking great, Kalah!

Before & After: Justyne

candidco before after justyne

We never get tired of seeing after pics like this.

In just 15 steps, Justyne not only put a new smile on her face, but ours too.

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Candid Before and After Pics: Daniel G.

Check out Daniel’s AMAZING smile. He began his journey with a starter kit and moved onto his 20-step treatment plan to address crowding on his top and bottom arches.

“The first thing I did when I was finished with treatment was to take a picture with a huge smile!”

Before & After: Alexa

candid before after alexa

Wow! Amazing how straighter, whiter teeth can improve your self-confidence. Look at that beautiful smile.

Before & After: Alexa

“I was feeling self-conscious in photos and wanted to be more confident! Now, I am smiling away in pictures and get SO many compliments.”

Before & After Candid: Robert

candid before after pics

“I can talk without tilting my head at awkward angles, and I smile without it being forced. I take some darn-good selfies, too!”

Robert went from trying to hide his smile to beaming in every photo. He also looks like he aged about 5 years during the 6+ months that he used Candid!

Before & After: Sarabeth

candid before after sara

“The cost and convenience of Candid was a HUGE benefit for me because it cost thousands less than some other aligners, and the remote monitoring was easy and fast.”

Sarabeth’s 13-step plan closed the gap in her teeth and opened her up to newfound self-confidence. This is why we do what we do. Keep smiling, Sarabeth 😁

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Before & After Candid: Justin

*Byte Before and after pics

Before & After: Rajshree

Rajshree R. of Queens, NY, started her 10-month (20-step) treatment plan in 2019 to address overcrowding. Why did she get started with Candid? “[In order] to gain confidence in my smile.”

Before & After: Jeremiah

candid before after jeremiah

Check out this transformation that took just 5 months. Not only are Jeremiah’s teeth straighter, but his teeth are so much whiter, too thanks to our premium whitening foam

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Before & After CandidCo: Patty

candid co before after patty

Patty couldn’t wait to share her new smile with you all, and we’re more than happy to put a spotlight on such an amazing transformation.

What motivated her to get started on her Candid journey?

“Newfound confidence for my upcoming senior year in college. I’ve been through more emotional battles than most, but I’m still here and am so excited for the possibilities. I’m a pre-med student, and I LIVE for helping others. Now I don’t have to second guess my appearance.”

She also told us that she’s been getting compliments on her beautiful smile left and right. Here’s one more: We LOVE your new grin.

Before & After CandidCo: Quinton

Quinton B. of Houston, TX, started his Candid 8-month (16-step) treatment plan last December to address spacing and gaps. What did he have to say about his Candid experience? “It was great customer service and my teeth look great!”

Before & After: Sherise

candid before after sherise

With only one studio visit, 12 steps, and 6 months later, Sherise is glowing even brighter than she was before.

Before & After: Harold

candid before after harold

After visiting the Candid Studio in Boston, Harold remade his smile in just 8 months. He finally recaptured the straight healthy smile that had drifted since he finished wearing braces. Way to get it back, Harold!

Before & After Photos: Look at Kathleen’s Teeth!

“I didn’t wear my retainers when I was younger and it resulted in crowding on the bottom. I always covered my mouth while I laughed because I was so self-conscious.”

20 steps later, Kathleen has beautiful teeth a smile to be proud of. No more holding back. No more hiding her smile. Just enjoying the moment.

Before & After: Emily

candid before after emily

What’s the first thing Emily did after her 16-step Candid treatment?

“I took my aligners out and just admired my new smile in the mirror.”

This is honestly what it’s all about. A new smile isn’t for anyone else but you. And if straightening your teeth brings you happiness when you look in the mirror, go for it.

Before & After: Joshua H.

candid before after josh

“I’d always wanted straighter teeth and finally decided to jump,” says Joshua H. and boy are we glad he did. He reports greater confidence, and a smile he loves.

Way to go, Joshua! That’s a stellar smile in just 16 steps.

Candid Before & After: Danisha’s Results

Danisha M. of Washington, DC, started her 7.5-month (15-step) treatment plan last fall to address spacing and gaps. What motivated her to get started with Candid?

“I had a milestone birthday (40) and wanted to do something special for myself. I initially thought about a new hairstyle, but couldn’t make up my mind. So I went for a dental makeover instead. After I saw my teeth improving, I went ahead and cut my hair too.”

Candid Before & After: Laura

candid before after laura

Sometimes small changes can make a big difference. Shout out to Laura for knowing exactly what she wants, and going after it. Look at those teeth after Candid clear aligners!

CandidCo Before & After: Steve

candidco before after photos steve

You look fantastic and we could not be happier with your results. Happy to hear that those 8 months of treatment with Candid clear aligners passed in a jiffy, too!

Before & After: Anne’s Results

candid before after anne

We’re definitely a fan of Anne and her new Candid smile. And just looking at her after photo, you can tell she is, too.

Before & After Pics: Katelyn

Katelyn began Candid treatment to address crowding and protrusion on her lower arch. (underbite) Not only is she thrilled with her results, she loved that she could scan her teeth and update her orthodontist from anywhere. A perfect fit for her nomadic lifestyle.

Before & After: Pratigya

candid before after pratigya

Sometimes it’s nice to look back to see how far you’ve come. The journey to a more confident you isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it. Kudos to you!

So Inspiring!

I hope that looking at these Candid before and after photos inspires you to invest in your own smile and self-confidence.

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