9 Nutrisystem Testimonials & Personal Success Stories (Short Videos)

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Testimonials from Nutrisystem Customers w/ results: Choosing the right diet is a personal decision, and no one diet is right for everyone. It’s also no secret that motivation and inspiration are two important factors in reaching your weight loss goal, regardless of what diet you chose.

So, if you’re thinking of signing up for Nutrisystem, it’s important to learn from both the positive and negative reviews to determine whether Nutrisystem will work for you. In that spirit, let’s take a look at a few testimonials from real Nutrisystem customers who are happy to include photos and recommend the diet. *And, if you are consider signing up, use our exclusive code for 40% off + free food here!

1. Nutrisystem Testimonial from Lori

A mom describes the profound affect that her successful 40-pound weight loss with Nutrisystem, and how it’s changed her life and made her more “present” with her kids:

Nutrisystem Results: “Just being there vs. being present” – Lori had a 40 pound weight loss, and now feels more “present” with her family in everyday activities that she used to just watch from the sidelines.

2. Testimonial from Fontana

A woman’s emotional weight loss journey and positive self-transformation during the year of her husband’s military deployment:

Nutrisystem Results: Fontana was 215 pounds and on medication for depression. She needed an easy diet that structured her eating. She lost 8 pounds the first week, and eventually lost a total of 60 pounds. The best result was a healthier lifestyle that resulted in more energy, motivation, and joy in her life.

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3. Success Story: Joey Lost 79 Pounds w/ Nutrisystem for Men

Joey was an obese 33 year old. At 280 pounds he finally promised his wife he’d make a drastic change in his life, so he signed up for Nutrisystem’s Drop 18 Now! promotion for Men. At 79 pounds lighter there’s a lot less of him but he’s much more happy.

Nutrisystem Results: Joey lost 79 pounds with Nutrisystem, but the best result was a happier, healthier lifestyle.

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4. Success Story: Kimberly lost 56 pounds with Nutrisystem

Kimberly was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. In the years following her diagnosis she gained a lot of weight and also became depressed. It was a big effort just to go to work or socialize, so she decided she needed a drastic change.

Nutrisystem Results: Kimberly joined Nutrisystem, and after 9 months she lost 56 pounds and is much happier.

5. Testimonial: Jason Lost 249 pounds with Nutrisystem for Men

Diabetic and more than 200 pounds overweight, Jason knew he had to make a drastic change in his lifestyle and be a more involved, capable parent, as “everything was difficult.” He wife told him that she “couldn’t do it alone” as a parent any more, so he started Nutrisystem D and it changed his life. The diet might seem to be expensive, but for Jason it was a great investment.

Results: Jason lost 249 pounds on Nutrisystem, and learned lifelong habits for healthy eating. He added that Nutrisystem may have even saved his life.

6. Happy Customer: Giselle’s Nutrisystem Success Story

A busy career woman loses weight for a Summer wedding:

Results: Giselle lost 29 pounds with Nutrisystem, and has successfully kept it off.

7. Nutrisystem Testimonials: Celebrity Moms Talk About the Diet:

Here’s a couple of celebrity moms (you probably know!) who signed up for Nutrisystem and are happy to testify about their experience.

Results: After her third child, Soleil Moon Frye had trouble dropping the stubborn baby weight, but Nutrisystem helped her lose 40 pounds!

8. Tracey’s weight loss results + testimonial for Nutrisystem

Tracey is a 45 year old mother of 2, who was having trouble losing weight on her own, so she tried Nutrisystem.

Results: Tracey lost 35 pounds with Nutrisystem, and even her 21 year old son was impressed by how good she looked.

9. Morgan’s Success Story

Your own Nutrisystem testimonial or success story?

As we mentioned, diets are not “one size fits all.” If you are a busy person who likes the idea of a structured diet with meal delivery, then popular programs like Nutrisystem, South Beach Diet, Bistro MD, and Medifast are worth considering. In fact we compare Nutrisystem to other diets in articles like these: Nutrisystem vs Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem vs. South Beach, Nutrisystem vs. Medifast.

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    Ok, here’s my testimonial: I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the food. There were a few foods I wasn’t a fan of but with the huge selection provided I can easily swap out meals. I’d recommend this not only if you plan on trying to loose weight but as a single or older person. Nutrisystem has made life much easier as I don’t have to plan for most meals anymore.

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