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3 WeightWatchers Canada Promo Codes, Coupons • 2024

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Do you live in Canada? If so, Weight Watchers has the same program but different membership offers for you to join. The good news is that we have the best deals and discount codes for up to 60% or 6 months free with today’s featured promotions:

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Canada: 60% Off
1. Best discount for a 6-month membership in Canada. Click to view details at...Show More
1. Best discount for a 6-month membership in Canada. Click to view details at weightwatchers.ca: Show Less
canada flag coupon
Canada: Featured Promo
2. WW Canada featured signup offer. For the French version, click, "FR"...Show More
2. WW Canada featured signup offer. For the French version, click, "FR" at weightwatchers.ca: Show Less

Not in Canada? View U.S. WeightWatchers membership offers here.

What’s the Best Coupon for Weight Watchers Canada?

The longer you join WW the more you save, but you are obligated to pay for whatever initial term you commit to, and there are no prorated refunds for unused months. So, Deciding which discount code or membership offer is best for you mostly depends on how long of a commitment you are comfortable making.

For example, with their 6-10 month plans, you’ll save up to 60% and join free for a total savings of $80-150+. However, if you only want to follow Weight Watchers for a couple of months, that plan might not be the best for your needs.

So, before you join, ask yourself how long you plan to follow the program.

Tip: If you aren’t in a hurry to join and don’t see a great deal today, consider waiting to sign up as offers change weekly!

Is WeightWatchers the Same for Canadians?

Weight Watchers, or WW as it’s known these days, basically runs the same core program both in Canada and the U.S., focusing on healthy living, eating, and fitness habits, along with the famous points system to manage your food intake. But, there’s a little local flavor added to each country’s version.

So, if you’re in Canada, expect some Canadian flair in terms of food options, (not too much poutine, please!) recipes, and maybe even some references that Canadians will get a chuckle out of. The essence is the same – helping you lead a healthier life with a program that’s been fine-tuned over the years. Just think of it as the same great taste, with a little local seasoning!

Does Weight Watchers Have a Free Trial in Canada?

Sorry, it looks like the only WW free trial available is for U.S. customers. If one becomes available, we’ll post it here.

Do You Need to Use a Promo Code in Canada?

Most of the time Canadians can just click on a promotional link and the advertised discount will be applied. However, some promotions may include extras like free months, free poutine (kidding!), or a free scale that requires entering a code at sign up.

The Need for WeightWatchers: Canada vs. U.S.

In the landscape of obesity rates, Canada and the U.S. present notable differences. The U.S. has a higher obesity rate, with over 40% of adults classified as obese, marking it as one of the highest globally.

Conversely, Canada’s obesity rate is lower, at approximately 30% among adults. This discrepancy highlights varied factors influencing obesity, including lifestyle, diet, and health policies. Despite these differences, both countries confront significant public health challenges in addressing obesity, necessitating concerted efforts towards healthier lifestyles and improved public health strategies to combat this growing concern.

So, even though Canada’s obesity problem isn’t as bad as the U.S., WeightWatchers is still a popular program to help Canadians manage their eating. source


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