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WeightWatchers for Couples: Join With a Partner and Save!

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Weight Watchers is a popular wellness and weight management program known for its flexibility, support system, and holistic approach to sustainable weight loss and healthy living. While WW does not offer a specific plan exclusively for couples, it’s an adaptable program that can be effectively followed by two people together.

When a couple decides to embark on the WeightWatchers journey together, they commit to making healthier lifestyle choices, supporting each other, and sharing the journey toward their individual and collective health goals.

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How Weight Watchers Works for Couples:

Because two people can’t share one account, both members of a couple have to sign up separately. That way you’ll have your own personalized program, points, the flexibility to cancel at different times.

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Benefits of Following Weight Watchers as With a Partner:

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I find that taking a challenging hike or even going to the gym is a lot more enjoyable with a partner. This is also true of a metaphorical journey like reaching a goal weight.

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider joining and following WW as a couple. Here are our top 7:

  1. Shared Goals and Motivation: When you and your partner tackle Weight Watchers together, you align on a common goal: improving your health. This shared objective fosters a deeper connection and mutual motivation. Celebrating each other’s milestones and progress becomes a source of joy and encouragement, helping both of you stay committed to your goals. It’s easier to keep each other motivated during tough times, making the journey less daunting and more achievable!
  2. Accountability Partners: Having your spouse or partner as your accountability buddy is incredibly beneficial. You’re less likely to skip a workout or indulge in unhealthy foods when you know someone is on the journey with you, expecting you to stick to the plan. This mutual accountability can significantly increase your chances of success.
  3. Healthy Eating Becomes Easier: Meal planning and preparation become more streamlined when both partners are eating the same healthy meals. There’s no need to cook separate dishes to cater to different diet plans, making it easier to stick to your points budget. Cooking together can also become an enjoyable activity, turning meal prep into quality time spent together.
  4. Economic Efficiency: Following the same diet plan can be cost-effective. Buying groceries in bulk, avoiding the purchase of multiple snack varieties, and cooking at home more often can help save money. Plus, healthier eating habits may reduce future medical bills by lowering the risk of diet-related health issues.
  5. Enhanced Emotional Support: Embarking on a weight loss journey can be emotionally challenging. Having your partner by your side means you have a built-in support system for when times get tough. You can provide each other with comfort, understanding, and a shoulder to lean on, strengthening your emotional bond.
  6. Healthy Competition: A friendly competition can spice things up. Setting weekly challenges or goals can make the process more fun and engaging. Whether it’s who can earn more FitPoints or lose more points by making healthier food choices, a bit of competitive spirit can motivate both of you to stick to your plans and work harder towards your goals.
  7. Lifestyle Changes Beyond Diet: Weight Watchers emphasizes a holistic approach to health, encouraging not just healthy eating but also regular physical activity and mindfulness. As a couple, you can explore new activities and hobbies together that contribute to your health, like hiking, biking, or yoga. These shared experiences can not only improve your physical health but also bring you closer together, enriching your relationship.

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Does Weight Watchers Have a Special Plan for Couples?

Weight Watchers does not offer a specific plan exclusively for couples, and the program requires a separate login and account for each member.

However, the WW program is highly adaptable and can be effectively followed by partners or couples who are looking to embark on their health and wellness journey together. Each individual can sign up for their own WW membership, and they can then support each other by sharing meals, attending WW meetings (if opting for a plan that includes meetings), or using the WW app to track their progress, plan meals, and stay motivated.

No WW couples plan? No problem!

The absence of a WW couples-specific plan allows each person to receive a personalized approach to weight loss and healthy living. WW calculates points and goals based on personal factors like age, weight, height, and gender, ensuring that each individual’s plan is tailored to their unique needs. This personalization is key to the program’s effectiveness.

Couples can still enjoy the benefits of doing WW together by:

  • Sharing recipes and meals that fit within their points budget.
  • Motivating each other to stay active and earn FitPoints.
  • Offering emotional support and accountability.
  • Celebrating each other’s successes and milestones.

Even without a specific couples plan, the flexibility and community aspect of WW make it a viable option for partners looking to achieve their health and wellness goals together. The shared journey can enhance motivation, improve relationship satisfaction, and lead to better outcomes for both individuals.

More Effective to Lose Weight With a Partner?

Losing weight with a partner can indeed be more effective for some people, offering benefits that go beyond individual efforts. Research supports the idea that having a weight loss buddy or partner can lead to greater success in weight loss and health improvement goals. This approach capitalizes on mutual support, accountability, and motivation.

A study published in the journal Obesity in 2012 found that when one partner participates in a weight loss program, the other partner can also lose weight, even if they are not actively participating in the program. This phenomenon, known as a “ripple effect,” highlights how positive health behaviors can influence those close to us, even without direct involvement. Source

Moreover, a review of studies indicated that individuals who embark on weight loss journeys with social support are more likely to maintain their weight loss over time. This suggests that the social aspect of weight loss, such as partnering with a spouse or friend, can significantly impact the longevity of one’s weight loss success (Wing, R.R., & Jeffery, R.W., “Benefits of recruiting participants with friends and increasing social support for weight loss and maintenance,” Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 1999).

In summary, partnering with someone in your weight loss journey can provide essential emotional support, enhance motivation through shared goals, and foster an environment of accountability. These factors can make the process more enjoyable and sustainable, leading to better outcomes compared to going it alone.

Consider Taking the WW Journey As a Couple

Engaging in Weight Watchers as a couple can turn what might feel like a solo endeavor into a team effort. Imagine the scene: You’re both in the kitchen, chopping vegetables and experimenting with WW-friendly recipes, sharing laughs, and perhaps even a dance. The atmosphere is light, collaborative, and full of love. Or picture a morning walk or workout session together, where the endorphins flood in, not just from the exercise but from the shared experience and the knowledge that you’re both working towards a common goal.

This journey can also lead to deeper, more meaningful conversations about health, hopes, and dreams for the future. It’s not just about losing weight; it’s about building a healthier lifestyle together, one that can sustain not just the physical health of each individual but the health of the relationship as well.

In essence, following WW as a couple isn’t just about the individual benefits you each might reap; it’s about the journey you share, the growth you experience together, and the deeper bond that forms when you commit to not just your health, but to each other’s well-being. It’s a testament to the saying that “a couple that grows together, stays together.”

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