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WeightWatchers for Diabetics? Review of WW Diabetes Plan

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Is Weight Watchers good for diabetics? Joining Weight Watchers can offer several benefits for individuals with diabetes, focusing on weight loss, blood sugar management, and overall well-being.

WeightWatchers offers a Diabetes Program with a customized nutrition plan, blood sugar tracking, and support from other members who are diabetic; all at a reasonable monthly price.

Here’s how the WW Diabetes Program works plus the potential benefits of joining WW if you have type 1 or 2 diabetes.

WeightWatchers Diabetes Plan: About | Reviews | Benefits for Diabetics

The WW Diabetes Program:

weight watchers diabetes plan
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The WeightWatchers Diabetes Program is designed for individuals living with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. It offers a customized Points Budget and a tailored ZeroPoint® food list that includes foods less likely to spike blood sugar. The WW Diabetes program also incorporates an award-winning app with blood sugar tracking and 24/7 support from other WW members.

This plan is based on a study showing significant results in weight loss, reduced HbA1c, and decreased waist circumference over six months. It emphasizes a balance of nutrients and offers flexibility in food choices for diabetics.

Tip: When you join WW you’ll have access to thousands of healthy recipes including many diabetes-friendly dinner ideas like these.

For more details, visit the WeightWatchers Diabetes Program page at weightwatchers.com.

Weight Watchers Diabetic Plan Reviews:

It’s hard to find WW customer reviews specifically for their diabetes plan, as reviews and ratings from diabetic members are mixed in with the thousands of other reviews. For this reason, let’s see how experts review the diet.

U.S. News ranks WW as a Top 5 Diabetes Diet, and Consumer Affairs calls Weight Watchers their “top pick for weight loss programs for diabetes,” which is a pretty good endorsement of the program. (source)

They also add that, “the WW for Diabetes program is built to address the needs of individuals with type 2 diabetes. This initiative has earned recognition from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and has proven effective in managing pre-diabetes conditions.”

While Weight Watchers does not publish reviews separately, the best place to find honest reviews is probably through the App Store:

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As you can see, the app-based WW program gets very high reviews from over 2 million members!

Benefits of Joining WW for Diabetics:

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Obesity is a significant risk factor for developing type 2 diabetes, largely due to the way excess body fat, especially around the abdomen, can increase insulin resistance. This resistance impairs the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar effectively, leading to elevated blood glucose levels and potentially the onset of type 2 diabetes.

If you are diabetic, here are five potential benefits of joining WW:

  1. Tailored Nutritional Plans: The WW Diabetes-Tailored Plan aligns with guidelines from the American Diabetes Association and International Diabetes Federation. It focuses on foods less likely to impact blood sugar levels, like lean protein, high-fiber non-starchy vegetables, and healthy fats. This approach helps balance carbs, protein, and fats, crucial for managing blood sugar levels.
  2. Effective Weight and Blood Sugar Management: Participants in the WW Diabetes Program have shown significant results, including an average weight loss of 5.7%, a 0.75 reduction in HbA1c, and a 5.9 cm decrease in waist circumference over six months. Managing weight is particularly important for people with Type 2 diabetes, as it can help in controlling glucose levels.
  3. Tools for Easy Tracking and Meal Planning: The WW app offers valuable features like meal and activity logging, a barcode scanner, and a blood sugar tracker. These tools allow diabetic members to monitor their food intake, understand how different foods affect their blood sugar, and make healthier choices. The app also provides a wide array of diabetic-friendly recipes and meal ideas.
  4. Community Support: WW offers a supportive community through in-person and virtual workshops, online groups, and the ability to connect with coaches and other members. This network provides encouragement and practical tips, helping members stay motivated and informed on their journey.
  5. Integration with CGM Technology: For those using continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology like the FreeStyle Libre 2, the WW app can integrate this data. This feature allows users to see how their diet, weight changes, and physical activity affect their glucose levels, aiding in making informed health decisions.

In summary, Weight Watchers offers a comprehensive and supportive approach for individuals with diabetes, focusing on tailored nutrition, effective tools for tracking and planning, community support, and technology integration, all of which are essential for managing diabetes effectively.

Tip: If you are thinking of joining WW, we have their best current promotions here for up to 3 free months, or $10 a month for life. Sometimes they even offer a free smart scale at signup.

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If you aren’t sold on WW, I also recommend Nutrisystem and Noom, which is another highly-rated and inexpensive app-based weight loss and wellness program that works well for most diabetics. Either way, good luck, and thanks for stopping by Pretty Sweet!