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9 Best WeightWatchers Starbucks Drinks + Points

Best Starbucks drinks and menu items with low Weight Watchers Points: As a fellow Starbucks lover and former (successful) Weight Watchers member, I know how difficult it can be to avoid those morning coffee cravings.

WW points, or might even be zero points. However, the added sugar and cream can be a points-killer! So, you need to make some conscious lifestyle choices when ordering your daily (or weekly) tall beverage at Starbucks.

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First, a Little Advice to Lower Points:

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Need some advice for navigating the Starbucks Menu if you’re counting Weight Watchers points? Here are some quick tips before we get started:

  1. Stick with simple. Black coffee and tea alone have zero points
  2. Order a skinny which is nonfat milk, sugar-free, and no whipped cream
  3. if you want to add milk, opt for soy milk, almond milk, or skim milk instead
  4. Skip the fancy seasonal drinks (like the Pumpkin Spice Latte!) and most breakfast items, although we highlight the best ones below
  5. Ask for fewer pumps and keep sugar to a minimum
  6. Ask for less whip or “no whip”
  7. The rule of thumb with Starbucks drinks is that Sweet and/or creamy drinks will cost you more points.

Ok, got the basics? If you are counting Weight Watchers points, here are the best healthy drinks & food menu items to order at Starbucks:

1.) Espresso: (0 Points)

starbucks espresso

Espresso is also the perfect drink to have on Weight Watchers, as the espresso itself contains zero points. Some people opt for a ‘red eye’ when ordering their Starbucks drink, which means an extra shot in your espresso or coffee. Personally, i think the caffeine in a single Starbucks espresso is enough, though!

2.) Fresh Brewed Filter Coffee: (0 SmartPoints)

starbucks brewed coffee

Starbucks fresh filter coffee is a good choice for those counting WW points. There are usually two or three different varieties, like Pike Place Roast or Blonde, and they are all zero points when black.

However, if you add cream and sugar it will cost you a couple of points.

Tip: Consider asking for soy or almond milk instead of cream, whole milk, or half and half!

Blonde roasts are a popular choice for morning coffee, as they pack more caffeine to kick-start your day. Women and men looking for something a little weaker with a similar taste can get the Pike Place, it has 30mg less caffeine than the Blonde if you go for the grande option.

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3.) Classic Caffè Americano: (0 Points)

caffe americano starbucks

A Caffe Americano is great for someone who loves the espresso taste and doesn’t want a filter coffee. It is a strong coffee and great for first thing in the morning. It is basically a shot of espresso and hot water has zero WW points and 15 calories unless you add milk or cream.

Tip: If you want a smoother taste, Starbucks has blonde espresso beans. They are also a little sweet, so you can add less sugar!

4.) Iced Coffee: (0 WW Points)

Iced coffee is a personal favorite and if you stick with a regular nitro or Nariño cold brew, your coffee will be guilt and points-free. That is unless you add some additional cream or sweetener.

As a weekly treat you could have a grande iced latte, but it comes in at 5 WW points if you use 2% milk. Yikes!

Tip: Remember, coffee doesn’t hydrate you like water, so make sure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day!

5.) Teavana Teas: 1 Point (But, Don’t Order It “Sweet!”)

teavana starbucks

Tea is a perfect menu option for non-coffee drinkers who still need a bit of a kick on a morning. Tea is great for the body and has a ton of antioxidants. If you’re an English Breakfast Tea drinker then skip the milk and opt for a slice of lemon instead, lemon is also the perfect pair for an Earl Grey.

Green Tea works wonders for digestion and is common drink amongst dieters. Chai tea is zero points, but beware of sweet tea, lemonades, and peach teas. The extra sugar will cost you points, especially in the Venti size. Don’t believe me? Here the difference between “smart” and “sweet”:

Observe the points difference when you add lemonade:

  1. Shaken Iced Green Tea: (tall or grande) 1 point vs.
  2. Shaken Iced Green Tea Lemonade (venti) 8 points
  1. Shaken Iced Black Tea: (tall or grande) 1 point vs.
  2. Shaken Iced Black Tea Lemonade: (Venti) 8 points

And, look at how many points “sweet tea” will cost you:

  • Shaken Sweet Tea: (Venti) 8 points
  • Shaken Iced Peach Tea: (Venti) 8 points

Yikes! What a difference “sweet” makes with your tea choice. If you do have a sweet tooth, make sure you view that sweet tea as a treat, because you’re going to pay for it in Weight Watchers points. If you do go with sweet, order it in a grande or tall.

6.) Caffè Misto: (2 Points)

cafe misto starbucks

Sometimes you need a creamy coffee drink, so instead of getting a regular latte (4-7 points), try ordering a Caffe Misto instead (3 points).

If you want to further reduce it’s 80 calorie total, try ordering your Cafe Misto like this:

Tip: A Tall Caffè Misto made with steamed nonfat milk and coffee (instead of espresso) with Splenda or one pump of sugar has only 2 points and 60 calories

That makes cafe misto a very WW point-friendly latte-alternative. In fact, you could say that Caffè Misto is a hit (get it?) with Weight Watchers!

7. Cappuccino with Nonfat Milk (2 Points):

starbucks cappuccino

Keep it simple but get frothy goodness and only 2 points with a cappuccino and non-fat milk.

8.) Best Breakfast Food: Oatmeal (4 Points)

starbucks steel cut oatmeal

Starbucks has some real WW points bombs on their breakfast menu. However, the steel-cut oatmeal is great, including Hearty Blueberry Oatmeal and Classic Whole-Grain Oatmeal which will only cost you 4 points. Add fruit on top if available, because fruit is Zero points!

Tip: If you have a food’s nutritional label, you can estimate the points value with our free WW calculator!

9.) Spinach, Feta, Egg White Breakfast Wrap: (8 Points)

starbucks pinach egg white wrap

Although most Starbucks breakfast sandwiches will cost you a lot of points, the Spinach, Feta, Cage-Free Egg White Breakfast Wrap (nutritional info) is not bad at 8 Weight Watchers points. It also has only 290 calories and 19g protein, so if you need a breakfast sandwich, it’s your best bet.

Personally, I like all of their breakfast sandwiches with a packet of free Starbucks Sriracha sauce!

Tip: Skip the sausage, cheddar and egg breakfast sandwich as it has 16 points!

10.) Best Bowl / Salad: Chicken & Quinoa Protein Bowl (12 Points)

starbucks quinoa protein bowl

There aren’t a lot of lunch bowls, bistro boxes, and salads under 12 WW points, so consider the Chicken & Quinoa Protein Bowl w/ Black Beans and Greens. (nutritional info) It costs a reasonable $8, comes with a chile mildly-spicy vinaigrette, and boasts 27g of protein and 9g fiber, so don’t judge it on WW points alone!

Conclusion: Weight Watchers & Starbucks

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If you are on Weight Watchers, then be sure to order wisely from the Starbucks menu. Why? Because those fancy and seasonal coffee drinks often have a lot of cream and sugar. So, keep it simple!

Remember, black coffee has zero Points, so keep the sweeteners and cream to a minimum!

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