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WSJ Subscription Cost? Digital + Print Delivery Rates • 2024

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How much does a Wall Street Journal subscription cost? You can sign up for a WSJ subscription at a low initial promotional rate as low as $2 for up to 12 months.

However, when the promotion ends, your subscription will renew monthly at the higher, regular newsstand price every 4 weeks.

Here’s what you should know about the cost of a WSJ Digital subscription with optional print delivery.

WSJ Subscription Cost With Promotion:

You can lock in a discounted rate for up to 12 months before the price of your Wall Street Journal subscription increases to the regular price. Here’s today’s best WSJ Digital subscription offer with optional Print delivery:

wsj subscribe coupon
Digital: $2/week
1. WSJ Digital $39 $8 per month. That's 85% off up to 12 months + Print delivery...Show More
1. WSJ Digital $39 $8 per month. That's 85% off up to 12 months + Print delivery option. Includes and the WSJ app. View this offer: Show Less

When this offer ends you’ll be billed the regular monthly price for your WSJ subscription. Here is the latest pricing.

WSJ Subscription Cost: (Billed Monthly)

Here’s how much a WSJ Digital subscription costs per month with optional print delivery after the initial promotional pricing ends:

  • WSJ DIGITAL: (All-Access) $38.99/mo.
  • DIGITAL BUNDLE: (WSJ, MarketWatch, Barron’s) $49.99/mo.
  • WSJ PRINT + Digital: (Weekend Delivery) $45.99/mo.
  • WSJ PRINT + Digital: (Monday-Friday Delivery) $52.99/mo.
  • WSJ PRINT + Digital: (6-Day Delivery, Mon-Sat) $54.99/mo.

How does billing work? You are billed for your WSJ subscription every 4 weeks and you can cancel anytime without penalty.

If you are currently enrolled in college, you can take advantage of the WSJ student discount.

Where does WSJ list Print subscription pricing? You’ll find the Wall Street Journal subscription renewal rate listed inconspicuously under the initial promotional rate at checkout when you subscribe:

wsj subscription renewal price

Tip: All Wall Street Journal subscriptions include a WSJ Digital membership with unlimited access to and the WSJ app plus optional print delivery on the Weekend or up to 6 days per week. The WSJ Digital Bundle subscription adds MarketWatch & Barron’s.

WSJ Subscriptions w/ Print Delivery Pricing:

When you click on a link or banner you’ll see promotional pricing for their WSJ Digital subscriptions at

If you’d like to see pricing for Print delivery, just scroll down and click See print options.”

wsj print pricing

You’ll then see WSJ Print delivery options and pricing:

wsj print delivery cost

As you can see, the additional price for including print delivery to your WSJ subscription is relatively small, especially if you only want Weekend delivery.

It looks like the cost of WSJ print delivery has generally paced the increasing price of newsprint with inflation.


Sometimes there is more than one promotion running for a Wall Street Journal subscription. If that is the case, I recommend choosing the one that offers promotional pricing for the longest time.

You can lock in the low initial WSJ subscription pricing for up to one year without obligation and can cancel at any time without penalty or fees.

I hope you now better understand the cost of a WSJ subscription and thanks for visiting Pretty Sweet!