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Custom Ink Military Discount? Save $5+ Now!

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Does Custom Ink have a discount for the military? While Custom Ink has an entire section of designs for Military & First Responders, they don’t have a special military discount. However, military, veterans, and civilians are welcome to use this month’s featured code for $5 off:

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Click above for a promo code that active-duty military, veterans, USAA, and regular civilians can use for a discount on any order at

You can view all design templates for military and first responders at

3 Reasons Why Military Members Should Use Custom Ink:

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Why should military members use the Custom Ink military discount to make personalized t-shirts?

  1. Custom Ink t-shirts can be a great way for military members to show pride in their service and unit. By designing a shirt with a unique emblem or motto, military members can demonstrate their connection to their branch of service or unit and show support for their comrades.
  2. Custom Ink t-shirts can be a good way for military members to stay connected with their unit or branch of service after they have left the military. By wearing a shirt with the emblem or motto of their unit or branch, military members can continue to feel a sense of camaraderie and connection to their service.
  3. Custom Ink t-shirts can be a fun and creative way for military members to express themselves and their personality. Whether it’s through a humorous design or a more serious message, military discount custom t-shirts can be a way for Army, Navy or members of the Marines to share their experiences and interests with others.
custom ink military discount
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