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Noom for Couples: Here’s How the Family Plan Works

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The Noom Family Plan is a great option for a couple in the U.S. embarking on their weight loss journey together. It lets the main subscriber add a family member to their plan at a more friendly cost than if both were to pay for separate subscriptions.

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If you and your spouse, sibling, or family member are both thinking of joining Noom, there are advantages to joining together as a couple with the Family Plan.

How Can You Join Noom as a Couple?

The process is straightforward: during sign-up, you can choose to add a family member, and voila, you’re set to tackle your health goals together but with two individual accounts for privacy​​.

To join Noom as a couple, one person signs up for the Noom Weight subscription and selects the Family Plan during the signup process. This option allows you to add a family member at a reduced cost.

How Can I Switch to the Noom Family Plan?

If you already have a Noom subscription you can easily switch to the Family Plan. To do so on an iPhone or iOS device, you can switch to the Family Plan through the app by clicking the icon for two individuals at the top of the Home screen. Then, under “Share Noom with family and friends,” click the button that says, “Switch to Family Plan.”

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By switching to the family plan you can save 30% compared to paying for two separate plans.

Don’t worry, even though it’s only one plan, each person gets independent accounts for personalization and to maintain privacy! You can learn more about how to add a second user to your subscription with Noom’s Family Plan here.

Why Join Noom As a Couple?

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Diving into this journey as a duo with Noom comes with its perks, and I can think of a couple of good reasons to do so. Here are five benefits of joining Noom as a couple or with a family member:

  1. Shared Motivation and Support: Tackling weight loss together means you’ve got a built-in cheerleader and accountability partner. Noom emphasizes this aspect, knowing that having someone close to you on the same path can significantly boost your chances of success​​.
  2. Personalized Plans for Two: Noom gets that even though you are a couple, each one of you is unique. You both get plans that cater to your individual goals and preferences while still allowing you to support each other’s journey. This means whether one of you is focusing on dropping pounds and the other on building healthier habits, your plans will align with your respective goals​​.
  3. Ease of Use: With the Noom app, you’re getting a user-friendly platform that helps both of you track your progress, log meals, and stay engaged with daily reminders and challenges. It’s like having a tiny personal trainer and nutritionist in your pocket. (But not in a weird way!)
  4. Data-Driven Insights: Noom’s use of technology to offer insights into your progress adds a layer of objectivity to your journey. You can see what’s working, what’s not, and adjust accordingly. It’s about making informed decisions together​​.
  5. Community Connection: Beyond the two of you, there’s a whole community of Noomers (ugh, I hate that term!) you can connect with. Sharing stories, tips, and encouragement with other couples or individuals in the Noom community can add a rich layer of support and inspiration to your journey​​.

A Couple of Final Thoughts About Noom:

In a nutshell, Noom’s Family Plan not only makes weight loss more economical for couples but enriches the journey with personalized support, shared motivation, and community engagement with other women and men.

Doing Noom as a couple is all about making healthier choices together, supported by technology and community, to achieve your health and wellness goals. You can even try Noom free for up to 30 days by starting with a free assessment here.

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