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Noom Student Discount? Best Signup Deal Now • 2024

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Noom is an app-based weight loss and wellness program that has become very popular with college students. In fact, Noom has been called, “WW for millennials,” which is a nice way of saying that it’s cooler than WW!

Some brands run special promotions just for students, so it’s always a good idea to see if you qualify for a special rate or student discount. Here’s the best promotion now plus whether or not there is currently a Noom student discount.

Best Noom Signup Promotions for Students:

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Free Trial: 30 Days!
1. Free assessment ends with a free trial offer. Click to get started at...Show More
1. Free assessment ends with a free trial offer. Click to get started at Show Less

These promotions are for the general public, but is there a Noom discount exclusively for students?

Does Noom Have a Student Discount?

Although Noom advertises to a younger crowd including college students, they don’t currently have a specific discount or promo code exclusively for students. I imagine this is because they don’t want to offer a separate discount or pricing structure that would require students to verify their status as an enrolled student or cause confusion.

In fact, most times student accounts have to be verified with a .edu student email address or another form of ID to qualify. This extra process may deter students from signing up with Noom.

So, instead of offering a student or military discount, they encourage everyone to sign up through their featured promotion which includes a 14-30 day trial before you are billed.

You can also try one of our promo codes for up to 30% off any Noom Weight plan.

Best Noom student discounts now:

  1. First 14 days free with no promo code needed
  2. Get a 25% discount with code STUDENTBEANS (exp.)
  3. College students get 20% off with code COEDCODE20

Best Way for Students and Teachers to Sign Up for Noom:

Usually, the best way for students and educators to join Noom is to take advantage of the 14-day free trial. This allows you to try all the features of Noom before committing to paying for several months of the program if it’s not clicking with you.

The first step of joining Noom is to take their quiz which helps them learn a bit more about you and your goals. After this brief assessment, they’ll email you a personalized course along with an offer to join.

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If you do sign up, you’ll have the chance to enter a promo code for extra savings.

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Other Student Discounts Besides Noom:

Noom doesn’t offer a discount exclusively for students and coeds, but they do offer the same trial offer and plan to everyone. There are a number of other brands that do offer a student discount including WeightWatchers, Byte for students, Fanatics, and Finish Line.

However, most student discounts will require verification of your enrollment through a 3rd party website like I recommend comparing the “student discount” against the featured promotion, as the latter is often better.

Anyway, I hope you are appreciating your time as a college student, and that we were able to save you money if you do decide to try Noom.

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