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NordVPN 1 Year for $36? Best 12-Month Deal Now

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NordVPN is recognized as one of the top names in online security and privacy. Because it’s such a competitive field, brands offer incentives and deals to entice new customers.

You might have seen YouTubers promote amazing NordVPN offers that allow you to lock in a special low rate for up to 3 years, or a $36 deal posted on Reddit.

So, can you get one year of NordVPN for only $36? Here’s today’s best deal plus how the $36 per year promotion works.

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NordVPN $36 for One Year?

Can you get a year of NordVPN for $36? You can sign up for NordVPN for only $36 per year with their current promotion, but it requires a 2-year commitment. There is no 1-year deal with an annual price that low, as the best promotions are for 2 years including their student discount.

While these 2-year deals save you a lot of money, you’ll want to ask yourself if you’re ready for that kind of commitment as there are no prorated refunds.

Tip: You’ll see links to the 1-year for $36 deal posted on Reddit, but the offer expired years ago. If it’s a recent post, it’s likely just clickbait!

Top 3 NordVPN 1-Year Deals:

  • First year of NordVPN for $36 with new 2-year Plan
  • Get 1 year of NordVPN Standard for $36
  • Cyber Monday NordVPN $36 deal! (exp.)

Better Promotion Than One Year for $36!?

Even though there is no one-year for $36 promotion running now, we can still get you the best price possible. To save a ton of money, use the promotion below for up to a 65% discount and free months that NordVPN usually only gives to select influencers:

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So, once they tack on the bonus months to the promotion, you’re getting NordVPN for an average of only about $36 per year! ($3/month)

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So, the bad news is that NordVPN does not offer their $36 deal for one year only, but the good news is that the longer promotion above will save you a lot more money. That might work better for your needs, as you’ll probably keep your VPN for over a year anyway.

Not Quite $36, But Pretty Close!

Hopefully, we were able to get you a deal even better than 1 year of NordVPN for $36, with this offer, and you’ll be more secure online in minutes.

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