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5 NordVPN YouTuber Codes: PewDiePie, MrBeast, Best?

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Online privacy and security are top priorities with YouTube influencers because their content and livelihoods are digital, public, and potentially vulnerable. Consider that even if these influencers are well-liked, they are still high-profile targets for hackers, stalkers, and jealous weirdos.

This dynamic makes them great candidates to be sponsored by brands like NordVPN whose business is privacy and security. NordVPN has teamed with popular influencers including PewDiePie, MrBeast, and Philip DeFranco who promote their VPNs from their YouTube channels. To sweeten the deal they give these YouTubers special codes to promote to their young, tech-savvy audience.

Here’s today’s best deal plus how NordVPN YouTube codes work and how YouTubers can apply to be sponsored.

NordVPN YouTubers: Codes | PewDiePie | Mr. Beast | Casey Neistat | Julie Nolke | iJustine | Get Sponsored

Top NordVPN YouTuber Discount Codes:

Here’s a list of the top influencers sponsored by NordVPN plus their exclusive discount codes for up to 4 free months when you sign up for a 2-year plan.

1. PewDiePie:

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PewDiePie Discount
Get up to a 65% discount plus up to 4 free months with the exclusive PewDiePie discount.Show More
Get up to a 65% discount plus up to 4 free months with the exclusive PewDiePie discount. Show Less

“Browse the internet safely, but most importantly, freely. A VPN is one of those things that are just good to have. I recommend NordVPN.”


PewDiePie: No doubt you’ve heard of Swedish gamer and YouTube star, PewDiePie (aka Felix Kjellberg) as he has 100+ million passionate followers.

PewDiePie, or Felix Kjellberg, is the ultimate YouTube icon who’s been dominating the platform since 2010. Starting out with hilarious gaming videos, PewDiePie quickly became famous for his “Let’s Play” series, where his over-the-top reactions and commentary turned him into a viral sensation.

YouTuber PewDiePie’s channel has evolved massively over the years, featuring everything from meme reviews and reaction videos to vlogs and commentary on internet culture. His “Bro Army” of subscribers is one of the largest on YouTube, with over 100 million fans tuning in for his quirky humor and authentic personality. PewDiePie’s content is always fresh and entertaining, whether he’s diving into the latest games or sharing his thoughts on trending topics.

How did PewDiePie get his name? “Pew” represents the sound of lasers in video games, “Die” is a common term in gaming, and he initially created his account as “PewDie.” After losing access to that account, he added “Pie” because he loves pie, resulting in the iconic name “PewDiePie.”

PewDiePie also has some pretty sweet sponsors including top tech brands like NordVPN and TurboTax. If you’re not following him, you’re missing out on some of the most engaging and fun YouTube content out there!

youtube pewdiepie nordvpn

Hey, look, PewDiePie is using NordVPN!

It makes sense that YouTubers like Pewdiepie use NordVPN, as it offers them superior security and privacy. I’m sure if Pewdiepie’s IP address wasn’t secure the controversial YouTuber would be constantly getting hacked. For the NordVPN PewDiePie discount use code: PEWDIEPIE

2. Mr. Beast:

mr beast nordvpn discount
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69% Off + 4 Free Months
1. Free months with Standard, Plus, or Complete. Best discount! Save up...Show More
1. Free months with Standard, Plus, or Complete. Best discount! Save up to $131+ on NordVPN 2-year plan. Click to apply coupon: Show Less

Even if you’ve never heard of PewDiePie, you surely know MrBeast.

MrBeast, aka Jimmy Donaldson, is an absolute YouTube legend known for his insanely over-the-top challenges and heartwarming philanthropy. His YouTube channel, which blew up around 2017, features wild videos where he does everything from giving away millions of dollars to strangers, to crazy endurance challenges like spending 24 hours in ice or counting to 100,000.

Mr. Beast’s videos are super high-energy and packed with excitement, making them incredibly addictive to watch. He’s also famous for his massive charity stunts, like planting 20 million trees or giving away houses and cars to those in need.

With tens of millions of YouTube subscribers, MrBeast’s content is all about pushing the limits while spreading positivity. If you’re not watching MrBeast, you’re seriously missing out on some of the most epic and feel-good content on YouTube. Oh, and his MrBeast Gaming channel is sponsored by NordVPN!

For the NordVPN MrBeast discount click here and use code: MRBEASTGAMING

3. Casey Neistat:

casey neistat nordvpn code

“NordVPN is a very good VPN, they’re very highly regarded in the industry. I’ve been using it for 3 years, it’s not problematic, I use it on my iPhone, my Android, my Mac laptop.”

Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat is this legendary YouTuber and filmmaker who has basically redefined vlogging! He started his YouTube channel in 2010, and his videos are a mix of daily life adventures, epic travel diaries, and motivational storytelling. Casey has an insane energy and a super unique style, using time-lapses, drone shots, and creative editing to make his content pop. His motto, “Do what you can’t,” really shines through in everything he does. You could even say it’s inspiring!

With millions of YouTube subscribers, Casey has inspired a whole generation of creators to think outside the box. Plus, his vlogs are packed with positivity and hustle vibes that just make you want to get out there and create something awesome. If you’re not following Casey Neistat, you’re missing out on some top-tier inspiration! Because of his focus on digital security, it makes a lot of sense that he would be sponsored by a brand like NordVPN.

To get Casey Neistat’s YouTuber discount use code: CASEY.

4. Philip DeFranco:

phillip defranco nordvpn youtube

Philip DeFranco is a super popular YouTuber who’s been around since 2006, making waves with his awesome news commentary! His channel, “The Philip DeFranco Show,” is where he breaks down everything from current events and politics to pop culture in a way that’s both fun and easy to understand. Philip has a casual, high-energy vibe that makes you feel like you’re catching up on news with a friend.

His signature phrase, “Let’s just jump into it,” sets the tone for his fast-paced, insightful videos. With millions of YouTube subscribers, Phil’s become a go-to for anyone wanting a no-nonsense, entertaining take on what’s happening in the world. If you’re not already watching, you’re seriously missing out!

Philip encourages his audience to protect their privacy online and promotes his exclusive YouTuber code PHIL for 4 free months with the purchase of a 2-year plan.

5. Julie Nolke:

nordvpn julie nolke code

Julie Nolke is a Canadian YouTuber, comedian, and actress known for her witty and relatable content. Julie skyrocketed to fame with her “Explaining the Pandemic to My Past Self” series, where she hilariously yet insightfully depicted conversations with her past self about the unfolding events of the COVID-19 pandemic. These videos resonated with millions, making her one of the most popular influencers sponsored by NordVPN.

Why does NordVPN sponsor Julie Nolke? Because she’s like a funny, down-to-earth friend who always knows how to make you laugh. Plus, she’s got a million tech-savvy young followers on YouTube. Her NordVPN discount code is: JULIE

6. iJustine:

iJustine, or Justine Ezarik, is an amazing YouTuber and tech guru who’s been rocking the internet since 2006! She’s uber-famous for her fun and engaging tech reviews, unboxings, and vlogs. Justine’s channel is a go-to for everything tech-related, whether she’s testing out the latest gadgets, giving her honest opinions on new products, or sharing her epic gaming sessions.

Her bubbly personality and high-energy style make her YouTube videos really entertaining and easy to binge-watch. Plus, Justine is always on top of the latest trends, Apple gadgets, and tech news, so you know you’re getting the freshest content. With millions of YouTube subscribers, iJustine’s channel is a tech lover’s paradise. If you’re into cool gadgets and fun vlogs, you definitely need to check her out. Her NordVPN sponsorship makes a lot of sense because she frequently gives tips for online privacy and security.

Her YouTube subscribers can get an exclusive NordVPN discount, usually including an extra free month, here!

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So, how did all of these popular YouTubers get sponsored? NordVPN has an influencer program and pays YouTubers for every sale that they generate through an affiliate relationship. Interested? Here’s how you can be the next influencer and get your own NordVPN discount code to promote on your YouTube channel.

“YouTube Creators and Podcasters wanted” –

To become a part of the NordVPN influencer program, influencers including YouTubers must first apply through the NordVPN website here. The process involves filling out an application form where you’ll need to provide details about your channel, such as the type of content you produce, your audience demographics, and how you plan to integrate NordVPN into your YouTube content.

Tip: NordVPN is particularly interested in creators who focus on topics related to digital security, privacy, tech, or related fields, but they are open to a variety of content backgrounds.

Once accepted, YouTubers get a dedicated account manager from NordVPN, who helps them understand their VPNs, set up the best practices for promotion, and answer any questions. The NordVPN influencer program offers competitive compensation, which is usually based on the reach and engagement levels of the YouTuber’s content. Additionally, influencers get access to exclusive deals, promotional offers, and custom discount codes that they can offer on their YouTube channel, which not only adds value to the viewer but also aids in tracking the campaign’s success.

All YouTubers & Subscribers Can Save On NordVPN!

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69% Off + 4 Free Months
1. Free months with Standard, Plus, or Complete. Best discount! Save up...Show More
1. Free months with Standard, Plus, or Complete. Best discount! Save up to $131+ on NordVPN 2-year plan. Click to apply coupon: Show Less

You don’t have to subscribe to any of these YouTubers’ channels to get the NordVPN YouTube discount. Just click here for the latest creator codes to get NordVPN for as little as $36+ per year. They also have special pricing on VPNs for students and U.S. Military.

NordVPN offers users security and privacy, and you can learn more about them and apply the best-discounted pricing here.

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