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NordVPN YouTuber Codes: 65% Off + 4 Free Months • 2023

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To reach the young tech-savvy audience, NordVPN has sponsored some big YouTube names like Philip DeFranco, Pyrocynical, MrBeast, Gaming, and PewDiePie, who have tens of millions of subscribers and billions of views.

That’s not a bad idea as YouTubers spend a lot of time online and like their privacy. Plus, sites like are actually blocked in some areas and may require a VPN (virtual private network) to access.

Here’s today’s best deal plus how NordVPN YouTube sponsor codes work.

NordVPN YouTuber codes: Best discount | YouTuber Codes | PewDiePie | Mr. Beast

1. Best NordVPN Discount Today:

NordVPN gives YouTubers the best coupon to promote. Here’s today’s promotion for up to a 70% discount and 4 free bonus months on any VPN:

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69% Off + 4 Free Months
1. Free months with Standard, Plus, or Complete. Best discount! Save up...Show More
1. Free months with Standard, Plus, or Complete. Best discount! Save up to $131+ on NordVPN 2-year plan. Click to apply coupon: Show Less
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PewDiePie Discount
Get up to a 65% discount plus up to 4 free months with the exclusive PewDiePie discount.Show More
Get up to a 65% discount plus up to 4 free months with the exclusive PewDiePie discount. Show Less

NordVPN actually sponsors a number of YouTubers and gives them discount codes to promote. Keep reading to learn how it all works.

2. NordVPN YouTuber Codes:

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Is there a NordVPN influencer discount? Yes, influencers on YouTube and Instagram are given a special discount to promote to their subscribers. Click above to apply the same discount promoted in videos by popular YouTubers like CaseyNeistat, Mr. Beast, Pyrocynical, Philip DeFranco, and Toptenz. You’ll get a 65% discount +4 free months with their 2-year plan and don’t need to enter a code.

NordVPN actually sponsors YouTubers and gives them a special coupon or discount to promote on YouTube. The YouTube coupon usually includes an amazing discount plus an extra free month compared to their regular promotion.

Here’s the incredible NordVPN Youtubers discount which includes up to 4 free months and doesn’t require a creator code:

Top 5 NordVPN YouTube Codes:

  1. Pewdiepie: 65% discount plus 2-4 months free with code: PEWDIEPIE
  2. PyroCynical: 65% off plus 3 months free with code: PYROCYNICAL
  3. Mr. Beast + 3 free months with Mr. Beast coupon code: MRBEASTGAMING
  4. Philip Defranco: 65% discount plus 2-4 months free with code: PHILIPDEFRANCO
  5. Casey Neistat: 65% discount plus 2-4 months free with code: CASEYNEISTAT

How can YouTubers get their own NordVPN code? If you are a YouTuber with a lot of subscribers, you can also be an affiliate for NordVPN and earn 40%+ on every new signup through your YouTube channel. In fact, NordVPN offers YouTube creators and Twitch streamers the chance to join their influencer program here.

3. PewDiePie Discount:

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You won’t learn much about Swedish YouTuber, Pewdiepie, from his YouTube bio as it simply says, “I make videos.” Actually, Pewdiepie’s real name is Felix Kjellberg, and for several years his controversial YouTube channel was the most viewed on YouTube. (You can read an actual bio of him here on Wikipedia)

PewDiePie is sponsored by some high-profile brands. For example, NordVPN gives him an exclusive discount to promote to his 100+ million followers from his channel. One of the brands Pewdiepie most heavily promotes is NordVPN. In fact, screenshots from some of his YouTube videos show that he actually uses NordVPN himself:

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It makes sense that YouTubers like Pewdiepie use NordVPN, as it offers them security and privacy. I’m sure if Pewdiepie’s IP address wasn’t secure the controversial Youtuber would be constantly getting hacked.

“Browse the internet safely, but most importantly, freely. A VPN is one of those things that are just good to have. I recommend NordVPN.” – PewDiePie

You don’t have to watch one of his videos, and can click below to get the discount here:

4. Mr. Beast Discount:

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The last time I checked, Mr. Beast had about 180 million YouTube subscribers! Mr. Beast has established himself as a serious brand, and has some big affiliate deals with companies like NordVPN who pay him about 40% of every sale he refers to them.

It’s no surprise that he’d be happy to recommend them through MrBeast Gaming as the #1 VPN and pass on a discount plus up to 4 free months in the process. To see today’s Mr. Beast NordVPN discount, click here.

YouTubers Can Save On NordVPN!

You don’t have to subscribe to any of these YouTubers’ channels to get the NordVPN YouTube discount. Just click here for the latest creator codes to get NordVPN for as little as $36+ per year.

NordVPN offers users security and privacy, and you can learn more about them and apply the best-discounted pricing here.

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