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NordVPN Military Discount? Best Deal Now for 65% Off+

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NordVPN has established itself as one of the premier VPN providers in the US, offering users both security and privacy online at a discount price. This combination of excellence and affordability has led to a surge in popularity among members of the military plus veterans and first responders.

If you are in the US military, we can help you get the best deal possible on a VPN from Nord. Here are today’s best promotions plus how the NordVPN military discount works, if available.

NordVPN: Best Offer | Military Discount | First Responders | Healthcare Workers

Best NordVPN Offer Online:

Before talking about a potential discount exclusively for the military, let’s look at the best deal online for the public. This discount is the same or better than any code or coupon promoted to the military including their on-site coupons!

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On-Site Coupons
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Now, let’s look at those codes and promotions on sites like Veterans Advantage,, and Reddit that claim to be NordVPN military discounts.

NordVPN Military or Veteran Discount?

While NordVPN is affiliated with several military websites like, they currently don’t have a promo code or discount exclusively for the military, USAA, or veterans. Actually, it appears that the promotion on military sites is the same as the one featured on the homepage at

This means that there’s no advantage to going through the verification process that sites like require just to get the same discount that the public can access!

Tip: For the best deal on a VPN and an extra free month, use this discount that NordVPN gives to select YouTubers, students, and influencers like PewDiePie.

Many groups affiliated with the military or veterans, like USAA, offer a similar discount through their website, often promoted as a military discount.”

NordVPN First Responder Discount?

While there is no specific discount for first responders like police, fire, or EMTs, NordVPN does advertise to these groups and directs them to their featured affiliate offer. For an even better discount, use their influencer discount here and get an unbeatable price as low as $36 per year for up to 3 years.

Discount for Healthcare Workers or Nurses?

During COVID a lot of brands were offering specific codes and coupons for verified first responders, healthcare workers, and nurses. However, those have been discontinued and now NordVPN promotes the same subscription deals to all groups.

However, healthcare workers and the public alike can take advantage of this discount which gets you an extra free month than their featured offer!

Other Discounts for the Military

So, to summarize, NordVPN does not have any discount codes exclusively for the US military. For the best exclusive deal, use the influencer discount which will get you the best discount and an extra free month with a 2-year plan.

We do have some other discounts that members and veterans of the armed forces including:

Thank you for your service, and I hope we were able to get you the best possible discount on a VPN. Thanks for stopping by Pretty Sweet!