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Nutrisystem 30-Day Free Trial? How to Try It Free Now!

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Is there a way to try Nutrisystem for free? The foundation of the Nutrisystem program is the food so there is no way to truly follow the diet for “free.”

However, you can try their new Advantage Plan free for 30 days which includes a personalized nutrition plan plus 30% off a la carte food. This is a very appealing alternative to regular Nutrisystem plans as it’s more flexible and less expensive.

Here’s how to try this Nutrisystem plan for free now.

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Advantage: 30-Day Free Trial
2. Plus free shipping on $99+ food orders. Flexible alternative to...Show More
2. Plus free shipping on $99+ food orders. Flexible alternative to Nutrisystem auto-delivery! Discount a la carte food, tools, and coaching at a special low monthly price. Click to learn more and view free trial offer Show Less

Try a Flexible Nutrisystem Plan for Free:

nutrisystem free trial 30 days

I’d like to reiterate that there is no Nutrisystem free trial that includes your food. Here is what you get with the 30-day free trial:

  • Free shipping and 30% off food
  • Personalized nutrition plan
  • Access to encouraging support team
  • More flexibility than the regular program!

The free trial allows you to experience Nutrisystem for free while only paying for the food that you buy for the first 30 days. After the trial period, you might choose to stay with the same plan and pay only $49.99 every 6 months or cancel.

If you feel that you want more structure and more Nutrisystem meals every month you can also consider their regular program.

Other Popular Diet Free Trials:

You might complete the Nutrisystem free trial and decide that the program is not for you, which is fine! In that case, I would recommend trying other top-rated app-based diets that are more flexible but don’t include any food.

  • Noom is a popular wellness and weight-loss app that offers a free assessment that concludes with a 30-day free trial offer
  • WW offers a 30-day free trial and you can even include a meeting. However, you might get a better monthly rate if you commit to 6-months up-front
  • Jenny Craig also offers a 30-day free trial at this page

Tip: Free trials are only free until the minute the trial period ends and then you are billed for the next month or billing period. Consider putting a reminder on your calendar the day before it’s scheduled to end!

Try Nutrisystem Free Before You Buy!

Unless you have previous experience with a diet or weight loss program it’s a good idea to try it free before making a longer-term commitment. Regular Nutrisystem plans can be a big adjustment as they provide you with most of your food for the whole month and are a big charge on your credit card every month.

For this reason I think it’s wise to try Nutrisystem free for a month before fully committing.

Have you completed the Nutrisystem free trial? If so, let us know how it went for you in the comments below.

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