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Monroe Shocks & Struts Coupons | 25% Discount Now!

Monroe Shocks & Struts Coupon: I believe it was rapper, Ice Cube, who boasted about having “more bounce to the ounce.”Well, Monroe would probably be happy to promise you the exact opposite. And, with these coupons, Advance Auto …

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18 Pin Up Girls With Cars (and Tools!) Vintage Ads & Pinup Art

Classic vintage pin ups with cars – I believe it was Sir-Mix-A-Lot who once wisely said, “To hell with romancin’ she’s sweat, wet, got it goin’ like a turbo ‘Vette.”

Ah, yes… What goes together better than beautiful, curvy women …

dead car battery pushing

How to Jump Start a Car With Jumper Cables (Dead Battery)

How to jump start a car – Is there anything worse than realizing you’ve got a dead car battery? Unless you enjoy the exercise associated with pushing your car to the nearest gas station, it’s a good idea to carry jumper …

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Advance Auto Parts: 8 Oil Change Specials (Save Up to $20!)

Oil Change Specials: Every month, Advance Auto Parts posts “full synthetic” and “conventional” oil change specials on their site that are good in-store only. They’ve become very popular, as it ends up being the cheapest way to get top …

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How Long Do Car Brakes Last? 5 Tips for Longer Brake Life

You know that you can’t afford to have unreliable brakes, but this begs a very important question: how long do brakes last?

Automotive engineers have not defined a firm lifespan for our brakes, presumably because there are a lot of …

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How to Change Windshied Wiper Blades: DIY

Looking to save a few bucks and install your own replacement wiper blades? Good idea; it’s simple! Here’s a quick 2-minute video showing exactly how to install new windshield wiper blades:

Changing your car’s windshield wipers demonstration:

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