Vintage Fat-Shaming Ads from Ry-Krisp (So Bad!)

ry-krisp ad
a little bit offensive?

Vintage fat-shaming adsRy-Krisp was a brand of rye crackers and bread that launched in 1905. While their early ads appealed to Scandinavian immigrants who found comfort in eating the traditional rye crackers, the brand later changed their strategy after being sold to Purina in 1926.

Yes, that’s the same Purina that makes dog food, and these old ads for Ry-Krisp were so mean, they’d probably offend most dogs today!

Starting in the 1930’s, Rye-Krisp heavily advertised their products as a “reducing” (aka weight loss) product in magazines that were marketed to women and young girls. The marketing geniuses at Ry-Krisp usually focused on timeless and effective themes like, your husband is going to leave you for a skinny girl,” and “caddie bitches are going to laugh at your fat ass if you don’t buy our product.”

For years they even ran ads like, Nobody loves a fat girl,” (see below) in Seventeen magazine. Wow… That must have done wonders for young girls’ self-esteem!

Check out these offensive, fat-shaming vintage magazine advertisements from the 1930’s, 40’s, and 50’s for Ry-Krisp crackers:

Vintage Fat-Shaming weight Loss ads

ry krisp workers
Yum! Ry-Krisp factory in Minneapolis, 1949

Imagine living in a world where unethical corporations preyed on our worst fears and insecurities just to make a buck?

Anyway, to put things in perspective, most of these ads ran over 60 years ago in a world where racism was accepted at the highest level, media damaged self-esteem, and there still hadn’t been a female president. Glad that’s all behind us! 

peta fat shame ad
I thought PETA was kind to mammals like us?

Anyway, at least diet brands have taken the high road in recent times, with the occasional exception such as the Weight Watchers Black lightbulb that makes you look and feel “less fat” during sex.