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VistaPrint Name Tags: Review, Cost + 25% Off Coupon

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VistaPrint is a popular site for printing custom name tags and sticky badges. They offer a wide variety of user-friendly design templates plus copious printing options including full-color printing and rounded corners at a pretty sweet price with a fast turnaround.

There are also plenty of creative ways to use your VistaPrint name tags that can add a unique touch to various events and situations. Here are inspiring ways to print a custom name tag and then stick it to the man!

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VistaPrint name tags: Reviews | Cost | Ideas for Using

VistaPrint Name Tag Reviews:

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VistaPrint name tags are printed with:

  • Matte paper stock
  • Rounded corners
  • Sticky backing
  • Full-color printing

Start with one of VistaPrint’s many design templates, customize, and then order as few as 10 name tags or as many as 2000.

The best place to read verified customer reviews for VistaPrint name tags is on the name tag product page at where they list customer star ratings for Ease of Design, Quality, and Value. You can also search reviews by keyword or sort for the most recent ratings and reviews.

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As you can see, ratings for name tags from VistaPrint customer reviews are generally good with a 4.4/5 rating and 77% of customers saying that they would recommend VistaPrint name tags to a friend.

“Great quality, easy to order, and delivered fast. These name tags were perfect for a themed event and helped with remembering names in a big group. Will definitely order again.”

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VistaPrint name tag reviews mention great print quality and timely shipping. Several customers mentioned adding their company logo or using them for other purposes like textbooks and on packages as shipping labels. However, a couple of people did complain that their name tags weren’t sticky enough.

Name Tags Cost:

The cost for VistaPrint name tags is $0.25 – $0.50 each with 10 starting at $5 and higher quantities costing less per unit. Name tag orders of $100+ ship free, and you can usually find a coupon code to bring the price down up to 25%. View name tag pricing at

Ideas for Using VistaPrint Name Tags:

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Besides obvious uses like reunions and covering your nipples to get service at Taco Bell, there are a myriad of other creative and practical ways to use VistaPrint name tags. Here are just a few ideas:

1. Icebreaker Games at Networking Events

VistaPrint name tags can be a great tool for icebreakers at networking events, trade shows, or conferences. Instead of just names and job titles, consider printing a fun fact, hobby, or a quirky question on each VistaPrint name tag. For example, you could have a name tag that says, “Are you a dog or cat person?” or “What’s your favorite Disney park?” This not only helps break the ice but also encourages engaging conversations. Just remember to protect yourself from STDs!

2. Classroom and Educational Settings

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Teachers can use VistaPrint custom name tags to create a more interactive and personalized classroom experience. Each student and teacher can have a name tag with their name, plus a favorite activity or sports team.

This helps students get to know each other and can make group activities and projects more collaborative. Plus, for younger students, it’s a fun way to learn names and make new friends. Name tags can also be used on folders or textbooks or over the mouth of an annoying student.

3. Name Tags for Family Reunions

I’m so bad at remembering names! Family reunions can be overwhelming, especially with distant relatives or large extended families. VistaPrint name tags can help break the ice. You can include names, how they are related to the host, and even a fun fact or family memory like, I shot a man in Reno, I’m an accident, or I like Gladiator movies. It’s a great way to foster connections and make sure everyone feels included and recognized.

4. Volunteer and Charity Events

For volunteer events, custom name tags from can do more than just identify participants. They can also highlight roles or responsibilities, making it easier for everyone to know who to go to for specific tasks. For example, tags could read “Event Coordinator,” “Food Distribution,” or “First Aid Helper.” Adding a motivational quote or thank-you message can also help volunteers feel appreciated and motivated.

5. Customer Interaction in Retail or Service Settings

Do you work in a retail store? If so, custom name tags can enhance customer interaction and service. Beyond just a name, you could include a staff member’s area of expertise or a fun fact. For instance, “Jane, Book Enthusiast” “Chris, Phillies Fan,” or “Tom, Tech Guru.” This not only helps customers feel more connected to the staff but can also direct them to the right person for specific questions or services.

Wrapping It Up

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Custom name tags from VistaPrint offer a plethora of possibilities beyond the conventional uses. Whether you’re planning a networking event, trade show, managing a classroom, throwing a themed party, organizing a family reunion, coordinating a volunteer event, or just trying to get into a Taco Bell with a dress code, these tags can add a personalized and creative touch. They’re a simple yet effective way to foster interaction, make people feel special, and add a bit of fun to any occasion.

Thanks for sticking around to read our review for VistaPrint name tags!