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VistaPrint Student Discount? Best Promo Code: 25% Off

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VistaPrint’s affordability, easy design process, versatile product selection, professional quality, and convenient delivery make it an attractive option for college students who want to create custom printed materials for marketing or advertising purposes.

Here are today’s best VistaPrint promotions plus whether there is a discount for students.

Best VistaPrint Offers for Students:

Students, teachers, and students of life can all use these coupons for VistaPrint.

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New Customers: 25% Off
2. Plus get free shipping on qualifying $100+ orders. Great discount for...Show More
2. Plus get free shipping on qualifying $100+ orders. Great discount for your first order from a new account. Get promo code now: Show Less
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On-Site Deals + Coupons
1. Sale: up to 50% off or free shipping on business cards, postcards...Show More
1. Sale: up to 50% off or free shipping on business cards, postcards, canvas, and more. View deals: Show Less

As you can see, the best discounts are usually for new customers. We list all Vistaprint coupons here plus Canada here. Now, let’s talk about whether VistaPrint is offering a student discount now.

VistaPrint Discount for College Students:

Does VistaPrint offer a student discount? Although students are encouraged to use VistaPrint’s featured coupons, there is currently no promo code or discount exclusively for them. However, look for season sales on products for students including graduation announcements and invitations.

The good news is that as new customers students can save up to 25% on their first order at without having to go through the verification process required at for most student discounts.

Now, let’s talk about ideas for how a student or teacher can use VistaPrint for custom printing and marketing.

How a Student Can Use VistaPrint:

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Students today are hustlers. If you are in high school, college, or grad school you probably have reasons to advertise yourself, your business, or your event. You also might want to use VistaPrint to announce your graduation with signs or invitations.

Here are a few ideas for how students can use VistaPrint:

  1. Business Cards: College students can design and print customized business cards from VistaPrint to promote their personal brand or showcase their skills. These cards can include their name, contact information, and relevant social media handles or website links. Business cards are useful for networking events, career fairs, or when connecting with potential employers, professors, or peers.
  2. Flyers: Students can design and print eye-catching discount flyers from VistaPrint to promote events, club activities, fundraisers, or any other campus-related initiatives. Flyers can include event details, attractive visuals, and clear calls to action. They can be distributed on campus, posted on bulletin boards, or handed out to potential attendees to raise awareness and generate interest.
  3. Posters: College students can create impactful posters from VistaPrint to advertise events, campaigns, or important messages. Posters can be designed to grab attention and convey information quickly, with bold visuals, concise text, and relevant branding. These posters can be displayed in high-traffic areas of the campus, such as common areas, libraries, or cafeterias, to reach a large audience.
  4. T-shirts: Customized t-shirts printed from VistaPrint can be a great way for college students to promote their clubs, organizations, or causes. Students can design t-shirts with their school, club, or organization’s logo, slogan, or artwork to create a sense of identity and unity. Wearing these t-shirts during campus events, fundraisers, or social gatherings can help raise awareness and attract potential members or supporters.
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VistaPrint is a great option for students looking for high-quality custom printing at a discount price.

More Student Discounts:

VistaPrint makes no distinction between the promo codes and discounts that they offer students and educators versus the general public. As a student you’re likely to be a new customer, so you can save up to 25% on your first order.

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