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VistaPrint Free Business Cards? Get Free Samples Now

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Does VistaPrint still offer free business cards? No, the promotions for 100 or 250 free business cards ended a couple of years ago. This is not bad news for several reasons, and they now have free sample business cards and promo codes for up to 25% off premium business cards instead.

Here are a couple of today’s best offers for premium business cards, how to get free sample business cards, plus why the free business cards were mediocre at best.

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Better Than Free VistaPrint Business Cards:

You won’t find a promo code for free business cards, but it’s better to pay a little more for better quality anyway. Here are a couple of today’s best coupons for premium business cards plus we list all VistaPrint deals here!

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New Customers: 25% Off
2. Plus get free shipping on qualifying $100+ orders. Great discount for...Show More
2. Plus get free shipping on qualifying $100+ orders. Great discount for your first order from a new account. Get promo code now: Show Less

Tip: VistaPrint code 100FREEBIZ for 100 free business cards (plus shipping) expired some time ago and a similar promotion is unlikely again

Does VistaPrint Still Offer 250 Free Business Cards?

VistaPrint has been around since the dawn of e-commerce, and their most famous promotion was for 250 free business cards.

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How could they give 250 free business cards away for free and not go bankrupt?

Well, you see, the free business cards promotion was what they called a loss leader.

A loss leader is a strategy where retailers like VistaPrint sell a product at a loss to attract customers, hoping they’ll buy additional items at regular prices. It’s like a teaser, offering a great deal on one item to get you in the door. While the store loses money on that specific deal, the goal is to make up for it, and then some, on the rest of your shopping.

Oh, and you had to pay about $10 for shipping!

The 250 free business cards promotion was a clever way for VistaPrint to boost overall sales by leveraging a single, irresistible offer. However, as they have grown into a billion-dollar company, their business model has evolved and they no longer offer 250 free business cards.

While the promotion for 250 free economy business cards has ended, VistaPrint does still offer free samples of their premium business cards. Here’s how to request some now.

How to Request Free Sample Business Cards:

vistaprint free business card sample kit

Instead of promoting misleading offers for free business cards, VistaPrint now offers a free sample business card kit. This free sample kit lets you feel the various card stocks, finishes, and shapes in your hands before placing an order.

The free samples are a great option, especially if you plan to place an order for a large quantity of business cards and want to avoid surprises.

To order a free business card sample kit, visit this page at Are you in Canada? Get your free sample business cards here at

How to Request a VistaPrint Business Free Sample Kit:

vistaprint business free sample kit

If you are considering buying more than just business cards consider requesting a business free sample kit from VistaPrint. The business free sample kit is also shipped free and includes a selection of their most popular marketing materials including:

  • Business Cards
  • Postcards
  • Brochures
  • Roll Labels
  • Presentation Folder
  • Door Hanger
  • Rack Card

Learn more and request your own free sample kit here!

Why VistaPrint Free Business Cards Were Inferior, Anyway

vistaprint 250 free business cards

For years VistaPrint offered 100 free business cards to lure new customers to their growing young brand, and you probably saw ads for their business card giveaway ever since Yahoo was a leading search engine. Well, those days are over and the 100-250 free cards offers have gone the way of the White Rhino and affordable college tuition.

However, if you are feeling nostalgia for VistaPrint’s free business card promotion, we can help. Their business cards may have been complimentary, but they didn’t draw many compliments! I know because I ordered the free cards twice before switching to premium business cards.

VistaPrint business cards are currently unavailable, but here’s why you should avoid them at any price if they make a comeback like Elvis or the McRib:

  1. The VistaPrint logo is printed on the back
  2. The paper stock is thin and only available in one size
  3. You have limited design options and templates
  4. Shipping fees are expensive, costing up to $9!

If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, why would you want free business cards that look cheap and flimsy?

Your business card is your chance to make a first impression, so why risk losing new business just to save a few bucks on 100 or 250 business cards? I think that’s why no custom printing companies are offering truly gratis business cards anymore.

Where Can I Design & Download Business Cards for Free?

Even though VistaPrint no longer offers free business cards, you can find other websites that let you design your own business cards for free. However, if you wish to have them printed, you’ll at least need to pay for shipping.

Here are a few discount printing companies with free business card design and download:

  1. Canva – Provides a free business card maker with customizable templates. You can design and download digital files for free and print them yourself here.
  2. FreeLogoServices – Offers a free business card maker that allows you to design and customize your cards. You pay only if you decide to print with them.
  3. Adobe Express – Another platform where you can create business cards for free using their templates and design tools. Download the design for free or opt for their printing service. learn more
  4. VistaCreate (formerly Crello) – Offers a free business card maker with various templates. You can create and download your design for free.

Even though these sites do offer free business card design, you will need to cover printing and/or shipping costs unless you print them yourself or elsewhere.

3 Ideas for Using Free Business Cards:

vistaprint free business card template

While free business cards aren’t qualified for most marketing purposes, they still can have value. Here are 3 ideas for how to use free business cards:

Here are three ideas to make the most of them:

  1. Local Bulletin Board: Pin your VistaPrint free business cards on community bulletin boards at coffee shops, libraries, and local businesses. Since the business cards are free, you can afford to post them in multiple locations, increasing your visibility in the community.
  2. DIY Loyalty Cards: If you’re running a small business like a café or a boutique, use free business cards as loyalty cards. Stamp or hole-punch them for each purchase and offer a discount or a freebie after a certain number of visits to encourage repeat business
  3. In-Parcel Surprise: If you’re an e-commerce seller, toss a free business card in with your product shipments. While they might not be of premium quality, they add a personal touch to your brand and maybe a thank-you message
  4. Fish Bowl Raffles: You know those fish bowls they have at local restaurants and businesses that you can drop your business card in to win a free lunch? Hey, in this case, the quality of the business card doesn’t matter!

Sorry, No Business Cards are Truly Free

There’s No Such Thing As a Free Lunch.

At the ripe old age of 40-something, I’ve learned that the idiom about a free lunch is true. In this case, VistaPrint charged a lot for shipping to make up for the loss they were taking on printing free business cards.

“If something is free, then YOU are the product.”

I’ve become a bit cynical, which can be a good thing as I’m less easily fooled. That’s why I’m suspicious of free trials and even free shipping because there’s always a catch.

How much do VistaPrint’s free business cards cost? While the 100 or 250 cards themselves are “free”, you’ll need to pay close to $10 for shipping. Hey, that’s not free!?

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While no online printing company currently offers free business cards, we do have some great offers including other printing companies like Easy Canvas Prints and Snapfish.

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