Feeling “Watched” Makes You Eat Less: Put a Mirror on Your Fridge!

Why put a mirror on your refrigerator? When you feel like you are being watched (even by yourself) you behave better. So, why not put a mirror in your kitchen to be your own policeman? Or, print out our free weight loss propaganda poster below to stop those late-night snacks.

When we are being watched, we behave better

When we feel that we are being watched, we’re more likely to show greater levels of self-control and act in a more honest way.

In fact, research shows that just putting a poster of large eyes next to a bicycle rack can cut theft by more than half!

The same feeling of being watched can help you lose weight, too. How? When people see themselves in a mirror, they are more self-conscious and make better decisions about what they eat.

That same concept of being watched and accountable is a big reason why adding meetings to Weight Watchers Online more than doubles the success rate.

It’s also why tweeting about your weight loss can help you achieve your goal!

So, if you’ve found yourself hitting the fridge or cabinets at night for a snack, try mounting a small mirror in your kitchen. You can probably get one at a craft store for a couple of dollars.

Free printable weight-loss propaganda poster:

Need an authority figure to watch you in the kitchen? Or, just print out our free “weight loss propaganda poster” below.

big brother watching you eat

(click image above for a printable version)

Big Brother is Watching You” (Eat)

Hey, at least it’s not as creepy as an Elf on a Shelf! If you feel up to trying this out, let us know how it goes below: