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Weight Watchers GLP-1 Program: How It Works + 50% Off

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The Weight Watchers GLP-1 program is an innovative approach that combines the benefits of GLP-1 receptor agonists, a class of medications used for weight management, with the holistic lifestyle strategies that Weight Watchers is known for.

The GLP-1 Program does not require signing up for a different WW plan, so you can take advantage of their best promotions for their Core and Premium (with workshops) plans to get the best monthly price.

Here’s today’s featured WW membership offer plus all about the WeightWatchers GLP-1 Program and how it works with weight loss medications like Wegovy® and Ozempic®.

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GLP-1 Program: How it works | How to join | Approved meds | First-gen GLP-1 | Diabetes

How the WW GLP-1 Progam Works:

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Here’s a breakdown of what the Weight Watchers GLP-1 Program includes:

  1. Targeted Approach for GLP-1 Medication Users: The program is specifically designed for individuals taking second-generation GLP-1 receptor agonists like Wegovy® or Ozempic®. These medications work by mimicking a hormone that targets areas of the brain regulating appetite and food intake, thereby aiding in weight loss.
  2. Customized Nutritional Goals: The WeightWatchers GLP-1 program sets daily nutritional targets focusing on key areas such as protein, water, fruits, and vegetables. This is important because GLP-1 medications can change the way you experience hunger and fullness, and having a structured eating plan helps in adapting to these changes.
  3. Activity and Exercise Recommendations: Maintaining muscle mass during weight loss is vital. The program provides tailored activity goals to complement the weight loss journey, ensuring that the weight loss is sustainable and healthy.
  4. Comprehensive Toolkit: Participants have access to various tools, including food and activity trackers, recipe ideas, meal planning inspiration, and tips for behavioral changes. These resources are crucial for integrating healthy habits into daily life.
  5. Community and Coaching Support: The GLP-1 program includes access to Weight Watchers coaches and virtual workshops. This community aspect is a significant pillar, providing motivation and support from both professionals and peers who are on a similar journey.
  6. Science-Driven Approach: Combining GLP-1 medications with behavioral, dietary, and physical activity changes is based on the understanding that weight loss and management are multifaceted. Medications can help in managing the physiological aspect of appetite control while following WW encourages healthier habits and routines.
  7. Sustainable Weight Management: The aim is not just weight loss but establishing a sustainable and healthier lifestyle. By learning and adopting healthier eating patterns and physical activities, the GLP-1 program promotes long-term well-being.

The Weight Watchers GLP-1 program is a testament to their commitment to evolving and providing tailored solutions to weight management, acknowledging the diverse needs and medical advancements in the field.

Tip: If you are thinking of joining WW, check out their weekly specials here like their $10 a month, 3 free months, and free scale promotions. Teachers, students, and healthcare workers also qualify for a low monthly rate.

How Do I Join the GLP-1 Program?

If you are currently taking a second-gen GLP-1 weight loss medication including Ozempic, Wegovy, Zepbound, or Mounjaro, learn more about the GLP-1 Program here. You can also join WeightWatchers today using one of their featured promotions.

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$10/mo. + Join Free
1. Featured WW offer. Save up to $150+ on 10 months Digital + optional Workshops. Click to...Show More
1. Featured WW offer. Save up to $150+ on 10 months Digital + optional Workshops. Click to view today's best deal at Show Less

If you are not yet taking a GLP-1 weight loss medication, you can visit WeightWatchers telehealth clinic here to see if you qualify.

GLP-1 Program Medications:

Currently, there are 7 medications approved by the FDA for chronic weight management including the following brands:

  • Wegovy
  • Contrave
  • Saxenda
  • Xenical
  • Alli
  • Qysmia
  • Zepbound

Can I follow the Weight Watchers GLP-1 Program if I’m Taking a First-Gen GLP-1?

If you are taking a first-gen GLP-1 you can simply follow the regular WW plan and points program since it is compatible with the milder appetite reduction brought on by first-gen GLP-1 meds.

Can I Follow the WW GLP-1 Program if I Have Diabetes?

No, the WW GLP-1 Program was designed for those who were prescribed GLP-1 meds for weight management and not diabetes. Diabetics should follow a program that is specifically tailored for diabetes management including WeightWatchers diabetes plan.

How Weight Watchers Works Together With a GLP-1 Like Wegovy & Ozempic:

So, how does WW work together with GLP-1 medications like Wegovy and Ozempic?

Firstly, GLP-1 (Glucagon-like peptide-1) medications are typically used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. They work by mimicking the GLP-1 hormone, which helps regulate blood sugar levels and appetite. One of their key benefits, from a weight management perspective, is that they can reduce appetite and food intake, leading to weight loss in many cases.

Think of GLP-1 medications as a tool that can help manage physiological aspects like appetite control and blood sugar levels. This can be particularly helpful in reducing cravings or overeating, which is often a hurdle in weight management.

Meanwhile, the app-based WW program can provide the structure and support to make healthier lifestyle choices. This includes learning about nutritious food, portion control, and incorporating physical activity into your routine. The community aspect of WW also offers social support, which can be a huge motivator.

By combining the two, men and women can address both the physiological and behavioral aspects of weight management. GLP-1 medications tackle the biological side, while WW addresses the lifestyle and psychological side. It’s like having two different tools in your toolkit, each playing a different but complementary role.

In essence, GLP-1 medications and WW could work together like a well-coordinated team, where medication helps with the physical aspects of appetite and weight control, and WW provides the game plan for a healthier lifestyle.


Is the Weight Watchers GLP-1 Program right for you?

WW focuses on a holistic lifestyle approach to weight loss. It’s not just about what you eat; it’s about developing healthier habits, understanding nutrition, getting active, and accessing community support. WW uses a point system to guide food choices, encouraging a balanced and sustainable way of eating.

Tip: It’s crucial to remember that GLP-1 medications should only be used under the guidance of a healthcare provider. They’re not for everyone and come with their own set of considerations and potential side effects.

Also, lifestyle changes, like those promoted by WW, are essential for long-term health and weight management.

Talk to your doctor to see if the Weight Watchers GLP-1 Program is a good option for you. I also am happy to recommend Nutrisystem and Noom, which is another app-based weight loss and wellness program that has been called, “WW for Millenials.”