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Why WeightWatchers Is Bad + Sometimes Doesn’t Work

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Weight Watchers has been a highly-rated top name in the diet and weight loss industry for decades, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best diet for you. Plus, most attempts at weight loss end in failure, and yo-yo dieting is really frustrating. So, will WW work for you?

To answer that question, let’s think of diets as a boy band.

There’s the bad boy, the shy one, the heart-throb, the older brother type… but, everyone has their own personal favorite, right?

Like the members of a boy band, no single diet is compatible with everyone’s unique personality, lifestyle, and weight loss goals. WW might be the “Justin” of the metaphorical boy band, but that doesn’t mean he’s compatible with you.

Let’s look at top complaints about the program from bad reviews, and imagine why Weight Watchers might be incompatible with your personality.

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Reasons Why WW Might Be Bad:

First, I’d like to clarify that “bad” means bad in this case, and not the 1980s bad which meant good.

Anyway, while most people find Weight Watchers to be a good program with helpful tools, structure, and support, others have had a bad experience. Here are the top customer complaints about WW from bad experiences.

  1. Complexity: Some individuals find the points system and tracking of SmartPoints or MyWW points to be complicated and time-consuming. This complexity can be a barrier to adherence, and if you don’t track points daily, your chances of success are low.
  2. Restrictiveness: Critics argue that WW can be overly restrictive in terms of food choices. The point system can discourage the consumption of higher-calorie foods, which may lead to cravings. Fast food is not compatible with WW!
  3. Slower weight loss: WW is not a magic bullet for fast weight loss, and instead aims for sustainable long-term results. Impatient customers might find this frustrating
  4. Plateaus and Lack of Progress: Some participants may experience weight loss plateaus or a lack of significant progress, leading to frustration and a perception that the program is not effective for them.
  5. Cost: Many people find the subscription fees for WW to be relatively expensive, especially when compared to free or lower-cost diet and weight loss options.
  6. Social Pressure: Sharing weight loss progress in group meetings or on the WW app can sometimes create social pressure and comparisons, which may not be motivating for everyone and could lead to feelings of inadequacy.
  7. Requires meal planning & cooking: Unlike Nutrisystem– and Factor 75, WW provides no food. Meal planning and portioning take time.
  8. Yo-Yo Dieting: Most diets, including WW, have a cyclical nature that may contribute to yo-yo dieting or weight cycling, where individuals repeatedly lose and regain weight.
  9. Genetic Weight Issues: Those who have genetic weight problems may not find success with WW without help from prescription medication like Ozempic.
  10. Focus on External Validation: Critics could say that the WW program’s emphasis on scale weight and point values may reinforce the idea that external validation is more important than overall health and well-being, which can lead to unhealthy body image and self-esteem issues in some women.
  11. Sustainability: Some individuals find it challenging to maintain the discipline necessary to follow WW long-term, and may regain weight once they discontinue the program or stop tracking food and exercise.
  12. Incompatibility with Specific Dietary Preferences: WW’s point system may not align with certain dietary preferences, such as veganism, low-carb diets, or other specific eating plans, making it less appealing to individuals with these preferences.

Some of these common complaints may or may not resonate with you. To learn why some people think Weight Watchers is bad, I recommend reading negative reviews.

I Recommend Reading Bad Reviews:

“Justin is cute, but always leaves the toilet seat up.”

There’s a good chance that any diet, including Weight Watchers, is not compatible with your specific personality. I recommend reading bad Weight Watchers reviews online to see why the program didn’t work for various people.

The top review sites let you sort reviews by rating or even, “worst.”

You might find yourself learning more from bad reviews than a glowing review from an expert or influencer. Maybe the person is impatient and unreasonable, but they still might have helpful insight as to why WW is a bad choice for you.

Tip: If you are thinking of dating Justin, talk to his ex-girlfriends first!

Not Working – Is WW Too Hard?

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The most important quality you should have before starting Weight Watchers is dedication. If you aren’t willing to commit 15+ minutes a day to WW to track food and exercise, then you might be wasting your time.

I also recommend using their tools, recipes, and supportive community to keep you on track. If the Core plan doesn’t offer enough accountability and support, then consider adding workshops.

However, I did come across a few bad reviews from users who seemed to hate the idea of being told what to do every day. If you resent the idea of changing your eating habits or being asked to control your cravings, then joining WW might be a bad idea.

Tip: Would you swap your daily sweet tea for seltzer? How about choosing grilled chicken instead of a cheeseburger at the next BBQ? If those are dealbreakers, then WW is probably a bad choice!

Are you ready for commitment? The best WW membership offers require a 6-month commitment, and only fools rush in.

Weight Watchers Doesn’t Work for Everyone:

boy band nsync

I mean, personally, I can’t understand why anyone would like Joey or Chris over Justin, but that’s just human nature. If you really like Joey, no expert is going to make you happy with Justin.

In this case, I would say that Weight Watchers is the Justin of the group and my favorite, but I (kind of) respect that you find him cocky and would rather be with hairy big brother Joey.

Why is WW bad? Weight Watchers is a paid monthly membership that requires some effort on your end including daily meal and exercise planning and tracking for sustainable weight loss. If you aren’t dedicated or willing to improve your eating habits, then the program will probably be a waste of time and money.

Remember, never go into a relationship thinking you can change someone. Justin is going to be Justin, and that might end in heartbreak for you.

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Thinking of joining? We’ve posted this week’s best membership offers here for up to 3 free months or even a free scale. Groups like teachers, healthcare workers, and the U.S. Military can join for only $10 per month at any time.

Anyway, good luck choosing, and thanks for stopping by PrettySweet.com!