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Where Is the Best Place to Sit In a Movie Theater?

Every time we go to the movie theater we have a discussion about which seats to sit in. Personally, I like to sit closer to the front so that the screen looks bigger and you see fewer people getting up to go to the bathroom.

However, our kids don’t like to look up at the screen and prefer to sit in the middle of the theater. Of course, there’s the consideration of sound which is half the experience.

So, where is the best place to sit in a movie theater? For the best visual and sound experience sit in the middle seats of the 1-2 rows directly behind the center row.

Here’s more about how to choose the best seats in a movie theater.

Best Place to Sit In a Movie Theater:

First of all, try to choose a relatively new movie theater with comfortable seats. Old, narrow seats become increasingly uncomfortable, especially during a long movie, which will detract from your experience.

Also, older theaters were designed with a grade of about 15 degrees from the front to the back. In theory, this would allow you to see over the head of the person in front of you, but sometimes it’s not good enough.

Newer movie theaters, including those with stadium seating, have improved terraced seating with each row being 12-15 inches taller than the one in front of it.

Also, it’s not ideal to look up or down for an extended period, so the seats in the middle rows will be best for the comfort of your neck and eyes.

Aside from comfort, you really want to consider the sound when you choose seats in a movie theater.

Best Seats / Row for Sound and Acoustics in a Movie Theater?

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To get the best location for sound in a movie theater, sit in the row directly in the middle of the theater or the 1-2 rows behind the center row.

This central location is optimal because the sound engineers will sit in that position to balance the sound in a movie theater. If you’re sitting in that spot, the Dolby audio should be completely balanced and the speakers should produce a neutral sound from all around you.

If you move over even a few seats, you’ll probably notice more of a stereo sound with one side a little louder and more dominant. If you’re close to the center.

What Movie Theater Seats Do You Think Are Best?

I don’t think anyone is going to prefer sitting to the left or right of the center, but people do have their opinions about the front and back of a movie theater. So, even if the sound is best in the middle rows, it might not matter to someone who just loves to sit close to the front and immerse themselves in the movie.

Also, some people might just see better the movie better from a certain distance.

Speaking of that, I didn’t realize that things were a little fuzzy until I bought a pair of contact lenses! Now the movies are a lot sharper.

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Not Many Bad Seats or Rows In Newer Movie Theaters

The seating in movie theaters has gotten better in recent years. Besides the front and back rows plus maybe the 1-2 seats farthest to the left and right side, the viewing experience in most movie theaters is very good.

However, if you are choosing your seats in a movie theater, now you know which seats are the best!

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