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Bull Connor Was a Horrible Man, So I Peed on His Grave

Theophilus Eugene “Bull” Connor was a horrible human being.

He was Birmingham’s Commissioner of Public Safety during the time of the Civil Rights Movement. He was quite a powerful man at the time and controlled the city’s police department as well as the fire department.

You might know him better as the man who ordered fire hoses and police dogs to turn on peaceful protesters in Alabama:

History remembers Bull Connor as a symbol of bigotry in the South. If MLK was the hero of the Civil Rights Movement, then Bull Connor was the antagonist; using violence and intimidation against thousands of African Americans and those who supported their basic human rights.

He also oversaw KKK-led attacks on student protestors, including the famous Freedom Riders, who rode in Greyhound buses through the South to protest segregation.

Bull Connor allows an angry mob to attack a bus of people peacefully protesting segregation

Did I mention that Bull Connor was a horrible human being?

On our family trip to Alabama we a lot about the Civil Rights Movement. Visiting Montgomery and Birmingham was a great way to learn about this murky chapter of American history while teaching our kids about morality and fighting for what’s right.

This Bull Connor character stood out as a despicable bully and aroused primordial anger in all of us. While my kids may have been born two generations too late to participate in the Civil Rights Movement, we decided there was one thing we cold do to show solidarity:

Pee on Bull Connor’s grave.

Bull Connor’s Gravesite Location:

Inspired by the fearless heroes of the Civil Rights Movement, I knew that it was time for my own “movement.” So, I Googled it, and quickly found the location of Bull Connor’s grave. Here’s where he is buried:

Jefferson Memorial Gardens East
Trussville, Jefferson County, Alabama
PLOT: Garden of Everlasting Life (source)

Perfect! It was a short detour off the main road when driving from Birmingham to Atlanta in a town called, Trussville. So, I ordered a black coffee, packed the car, and started producing urine.

I Peed on Bull Connor’s Grave

After walking up and down the many rows of graves, I found it!

Time to pee on your bones, you dead, repulsive bigot!

bull connor grave pee
bull connor grave

That Felt Pretty Good!

Why is there a depiction of a Holy Bible on this man’s grave?

I don’t respect the fact that Bull Connor was “Christian,” any more than I respect Osama Bin Laden’s claim of being a, “Muslim.”

birmingham kids march police dogs

Would Jesus or the Prophet Muhammad have sicked German Shepherds on school kids, allowed lynchings, or flown planes into buildings? No, they are horrible people.

Horrible people deserve to have their graves peed on.

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How to Find Bull Connor’s Grave:

First of all, I have a lot of respect for the good people who maintain the Jefferson Memorial Gardens cemetery. So, if you decide that you would like to pee on Bull Connor’s grave, I ask you to do so with respect.

Not respect for that racist, human piece of crap, Bull Connor, and his enabler wife, Beara; but respect for the cemetery and those who maintain it. Don’t damage or deface anything, and leave no garbage or other trace of your visit except for a big puddle on his gravesite.

Here’s how to find Bull Connor’s grave:

You’ll see a big sign for Jefferson Memorial Gardens from the road:

jefferson memorial gardens cemetary

Drive up the hill and around to the Garden of Everlasting Life plot.

Theo Eugene Connor‘s grave is in the section to the right of that statue.

where bull connor grave

Walk down in a straight line from the JC Penny (or whatever store JC Penny becomes after they are gone)

Bull Connor’s grave is about 14 rows down from the road, and about 10 rows up from the walkway.

I don’t often pee on someone’s grave, but when I do, I make sure they were a horrible person.

Bull Connor was a horrible person.