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Is Noom a Waste of Money or Worth It? Here’s What You Get

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Have you tried those free DIY diet apps without success? Don’t feel bad! Studies conclude that over 80% of diets end in failure.

So, you’ve probably heard about Noom and are here to decide whether it’s worth it or just a waste of money.

Noom is a comprehensive weight loss program that combines cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with personal coaching, and tracking your meals and physical activity tracking.

Noom can be a helpful tool for people who are struggling to lose weight on their own and need a little guidance, structure, and motivation. Whether or not Noom is worth the cost depends on your individual needs and goals.

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So, is Noom a waste of money? That mostly depends on how much you’ll benefit from personal coaching.

Personal Coaching Is Most Of Noom’s Value:

You can find other weight loss apps that track your meals, so I think whether Noom is worth it or a waste of money comes down to personal coaching.

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Most of the cost of Noom is due to the app-based personal coaching that you receive. So, in considering whether Noom is worth it or just a waste of money, consider how valuable the motivation, structure, and accountability from personal coaching is to you.

If you think you’d benefit from personal coaching, then Noom is probably worth the expense. However, if you are in the minority of people who prefer to go it alone a do-it-yourself, then maybe you don’t need to pay for Noom, which relies heavily on personal coaching.

Here’s What You Get for Your Money:

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Here are the top 5 features included in a Noom subscription:

  1. Personalized coaching: Noom users are assigned a personal coach who provides guidance and support throughout the weight loss journey. Coaches are available to answer questions, provide motivation, and help users stay on track.
  2. Nutrition education: Noom users have access to a library of articles and videos that teach them about healthy eating habits. This includes information on portion control, calorie counting, and the psychology of food.
  3. Behavioral change support: Noom uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help users change their unhealthy eating and exercise habits. CBT is a type of therapy that helps people identify and change negative thought patterns that contribute to unhealthy behaviors.
  4. Calorie tracking: Noom users can track their calories, weight, and activity levels in the Noom app. This data can be used to track progress and make adjustments to the diet and exercise plan as needed.
  5. Community support: Noom users can connect with other Noom users in a private online forum. This forum provides a space for users to share tips, ask questions, and offer support to each other.
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In addition to these features, Noom also offers a variety of other tools and resources to help users lose weight, including:

  • A food library with over 200,000 foods
  • A restaurant guide with calorie information for popular dishes
  • A workout tracker
  • A progress tracker
  • A goal-setting tool

Noom is a comprehensive weight loss program that can be a helpful tool for people who are serious about losing weight and changing their lifestyle. However, it is important to note that Noom is not a magic bullet and it takes time and effort to lose weight, even with Noom’s help.

Consider that app-based diets like WeightWatchers and Noom offer a lot more features than free DIY diets and cost about the same as a daily cup of coffee.

Is Noom Worth the Money?

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to try Noom is up to you. If you are serious about losing weight and you are willing to invest the time and money, Noom may be a helpful tool for you. However, if you are looking for a quick and easy solution, Noom is probably not the best option.

Here are some pros and cons of Noom to help you make your decision:

Pros: (Noom is Worth It!)

  1. Noom is a comprehensive weight loss program that combines CBT, calorie counting, and physical activity tracking.
  2. Personal coaching is unique to Noom and central to their program
  3. Noom is personalized for each user based on their individual goals and needs.
  4. Noom offers a free trial so you can try it before you buy it.
  5. Noom has a large community of users who can provide support and motivation.
  6. Noom has proven to be effective for weight loss in some studies*

*There is some evidence to suggest that Noom can be effective for weight loss. A study published in the journal Obesity in 2017 found that people who used Noom for 12 months lost an average of 7.2% of their body weight. However, it is important to note that this study was funded by Noom, so it is possible that the results were biased.

Cons: (Noom Is a Waste of Money!)

Here are reasons why Noom might be a waste of money for you:

  1. Expensive: Are you an independent self-starter? Noom costs $40+ per month, so if you do well with DIY, maybe consider a free alternative app instead.
  2. Not super-easy: Noom is not a magic bullet or miracle pill. Sustainable weight loss takes time and effort, even with Noom’s help.
  3. Dedication: If you don’t put in the effort (about 15 minutes a day) Noom will be a waste of money!
  4. Commitment: While longer memberships are much cheaper per month, Noom is a waste of money if you quit early.

Actually, people waste a lot of money every day on bigger expenses that make Noom look like small potatoes. Making minimum credit card payments, late fees, and paying for insurance you don’t need are just a few examples!

If you are considering trying Noom, I recommend starting with the free trial to see if it is a good fit for you.

Will Noom Be a Waste of Money for You?

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Here are some factors to consider when deciding whether or not Noom is worth the cost for you:

  • Your budget: If you are on a tight budget, Noom may not be the best option for you. However, if a program costing a few dollars a day pushes you to succeed in reaching your weight loss goals, it’s probably worthwhile
  • Your willingness to commit: Noom is a comprehensive program that requires time and effort. If you are not willing to commit to the program every day, you may not see results.
  • Your need for support: Do you enjoy structured classes at the gym, or prefer to just show up with your own routine? Noom is an investment in extra support and motivation like an instructor or personal trainer

If you need support and motivation, then you might be wasting your valuable time with free diet apps and books. In that case, I think trying Noom is a good idea and worth the relatively small investment.

In conclusion, no diet or wellness program is the right fit for everyone. While some people can thrive with a do-it-yourself tracking app, others need more structure and support.

You can get started now with a free evaluation and you can cancel within the first 14 days at no cost if you don’t like the program.

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Some groups like students or those with premium health insurance might even get an extra discount. Don’t like to cook? You can even do Noom with meal delivery like Factor 75.

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