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VistaPrint 33% Off Promo Code: Is 1/3 Off Best Deal Now?

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VistaPrint has run numerous online promotions including 100 free business cards, 500 cards for $9.99, and their annual Cyber Monday Sale. For a time they also ran a promo code for 33% off plus free shipping for new customers.

So, is the deal still available? Here’s how to get the best deal on your order at today.

VistaPrint: Better Than a 33% Off Promo Code?

Here are today’s best VistaPrint deals which might even be better than the old 33% off code:

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New Customers: 25% Off
2. Plus get free shipping on qualifying $100+ orders. Great discount for...Show More
2. Plus get free shipping on qualifying $100+ orders. Great discount for your first order from a new account. Get promo code now: Show Less
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On-Site Deals + Coupons
1. Sale: up to 50% off or free shipping on business cards, postcards...Show More
1. Sale: up to 50% off or free shipping on business cards, postcards, canvas, and more. View deals: Show Less

View all Vistaprint discount codes here

Is a VistaPrint 33% Off Code Available Now?

VistaPrint ran ads with a 33% off promo code for about 3 years. The code that they promoted was VISTAPRINT33OFF, but I have not seen this code for some time. However, there is good news. Every week VistaPrint has several on-site deals for up to 33% off popular products including postcards, business cards, and banners.

If you are looking for a 33% discount I recommend checking that page first, and then see what their current featured promo codes are. If you can get a code for a 20% discount plus free shipping, it might be a better deal than the 33% off code anyway!

We scour the web and then list the best ones here for up to a 33% discount and free delivery.

Does Vistaprint Even Know the Significance of the Number 33?

33 percent off

It’s pretty random that Vistaprint would choose to offer a 33% discount, right? So, was their inspiration in choosing that specific number? Here are a few reasons why thirty-three is significant:

  • 33s are a type of record, named for their revolutionary speed
  • 33 percent is one third
  • An extra-point attempt is 33 yards in the NFL
  • 33 is the temperature at which water boils according to the Newton scale
  • The number 33 is printed on all Rolling Rock beer
  • Prohibition was repealed in 1933
  • The modern Russian alphabet has 33 characters
  • According to some, 33 means you have lessons to learn in areas of your life where you feel confused

The 30% and 33% Off Codes Seem to Be Unavailable

OK, after all the talk about one-third and the number 33, it looks like VistaPrint is not currently offering a code for 33% off. However, as we said, when God closes a door she opens a window. In this case, that opportunity is in the several other promo codes that you can use for a discount on today’s order at

Thanks for listening to our rambling, and even though we can’t find a VistaPrint code for 33% off, we hope you have a great day. Thanks for visiting Pretty Sweet!